AdWords improves search engine optimization

Google AdWords optimization

Optimize AdWords campaigns with appealing ad texts

Improving your ad copy can make a significant contribution to increasing the success of the entire AdWords campaign. Because even if all settings are optimized and the ad exactly matches the user's search query, it will most likely not be clicked on if it does not look appealing. But what does good ad copy actually look like? Attractive ad texts contain precise information, relevant keywords and important sales elements. You should stand out from your competitors' ads and get the most impact on potential customers.

We know the important influencing factors for a successful SEA

Sometimes changing a single word in the ad text can lead to visible success. The previous word may have been misleading or it just didn't have that high volume on the search engines. Often, however, the causes are more complex and deeper, so that the keyword account and the entire campaign structure have to be completely set up and revised.

We optimize your Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns and the ad texts so that conversion-triggering keywords (search terms) are used. Keywords that trigger clicks but only incur costs and do not deliver the desired performance are analyzed together with your company and further improved.

We optimize the Google AdWords daily budget together with you as part of a detailed competitor analysis and a review of the average cost per click (CPC). When it comes to the delivery times and regions of your Google AdWords advertisements, we are guided by the user behavior of your potential customers.

When optimizing AdWords, target areas, the preferred way of contacting your customers (phone, email, etc.) and the seasonal dependency of your products or services play an important role. We also take into account tips from Google that we receive in the course of a campaign.

In order to adapt the Google AdWords campaign to the defined conversions, we recommend integrating and linking a Google Analytics account with the AdWords account and setting up conversion tracking. This allows you to understand exactly the click paths and jumps of the users and to check whether the ads reach the planned online goal.

We also take a close look at the landing pages that Google AdWords ads link to. They should have good usability, i.e. they should be clear and easy to navigate. The relevance of the landing page is checked carefully, including whether keywords and the ad text match the content of the landing pages. At best, the user will find a specific recommendation for action (call-to-action) on the landing page that leads to the desired conversion.

AdWords optimization as a continuous process

In order to achieve long-term increases in traffic and sales with your AdWords campaigns, you need to optimize AdWords - continuously and thoroughly. Depending on the scope of the campaign, AdWords optimization can take a long time. You always have to keep an eye on your competitors and react to changes in user behavior. The advertising system itself is also changing. AdWords regularly offers new features for campaign optimization. In order to exploit all potential for improvement and to be able to respond to current market changes in good time, you shouldGet support from a certified SEA agency with AdWords optimization.

Good AdWords campaigns are not just running

Optimizing Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns is not a one-off measure. It is important to continue this process on a permanent basis. A constant evaluation of the data material (monitoring, tracking) and the implementation of the resulting adjustments are urgently necessary for continuous success. The bidding and delivery strategies of the campaigns should be scrutinized regularly with a lot of know-how.

However, the time required and the operation of the highly complex tools required are often underestimated. The certified Google and Bing experts of the SEO kitchen give you tips and support you to achieve fewer AdWords or Bing Ads budget, more clicks, optimal keywords and more sales.

Don't leave your search engine marketing to chance. Trust our many years of experience. We take the time to check all the factors for a comprehensive Google AdWords optimization.