Immigrants take responsibility for their actions

The time has come: involve migrants in solutions

"I was out all day," commented city council member Simion Blom. "It was nice to see completely strangers approaching each other; adults approached young people and told them not to riot." The police reported on their Facebook page that there was no interference. "We had a large number of civil servants on the streets, but they were not needed in Zuidoost. The fact that it remained so quiet is thanks to the commitment of the community. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to their commitment and strength "says the statement that was overwritten with the hashtag #unity.

The community, which consists largely of migrants, has proven that its strength lies in its ability to pull together in times of need and also to take the initiative.

No appreciation

Such positive contributions migrants make in their new home are in contrast to the bad treatment they often experience. They range from "thousands of children who were cruelly separated from their parents and caged in June and July 2018 by order of President Trump's administration at the US border," according to a 2020 report by the UN Refugee Agency the estimated more than 21,000 refugees who have died crossing the Mediterranean since 2014.