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You can fight bloating with home remedies: Herbal tea is better than schnapps

What really helps against bloating and bloating?

Even the mere thought of Christmas gives many people a certain feeling of fullness. Seldom a year do we eat as much as we did at Christmas with the family. But what helps when the delicious Christmas goose lies like lead in the stomach? First a schnapps ?! Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Drink herbal tea!

In the morning there is an extensive breakfast, at noon there is roast, in the afternoon the biscuit tin filled with cinnamon stars, shortbread biscuits and macaroons beckons and in the evening the Christmas goose is waiting to be eaten. And since Christmas is only once a year and you don't want to disappoint your wife, mother or grandmother, it is better to say yes more than no.

But at some point there is no more fun and the consequences of gluttony become noticeable in the form of an unsightly bloated stomach and an even more uncomfortable feeling of fullness. What to do?

In any case, high-proof foods like schnapps do not stimulate the intestinal activity. According to Siefried Heuer from the Federal Association of Gastroenterology, on the contrary, alcohol ensures that the food stays in the gastrointestinal tract longer than usual. "Since the vessels expand when you drink alcohol, you feel a deceptive feeling of warmth and wellbeing," explains the Bielefeld gastroenterologist. Only herbal brandies would have a positive effect on digestion.

Herbal tea - the miracle cure against bloating

But it is even better to consume the herbs in the form of tea. Chamomile or fennel tea in particular help with stomach and intestinal problems. Teas made from mugwort, cinchona bark, hops, ginger, anise, caraway, peppermint, cardamom or wormwood also strengthen the stomach and intestines, calm the stomach and stimulate digestion.

Alternatively, you can dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. This also helps against nausea.

But still mineral water or tap water into which you have stirred a teaspoon of healing earth (pharmacy) can alleviate the symptoms. The earth forms a huge surface in the stomach and binds the fats. Usually you feel better again after 10 to 15 minutes. The feeling of fullness and nausea pass.

This is how you prevent digestive problems

Cinnamon also promotes digestion and alleviates the symptoms of nausea.

For external use, basil or caraway oil are suitable. You can use it to massage your stomach in slow circular movements for 5-10 minutes. To do this, lie on your back and bend your legs. The pressure can be a bit stronger, but it should remain comfortable.

You can also limit the damage in advance. Because without having to do without the goodies, you can at least defuse a few calorie bombs.

The holiday goose or duck is freed from fat by pricking the meat with a fork while roasting. Most of the fat then runs out. Poultry or roasts will also be healthier if you add plenty of caraway seeds to seasoning. Caraway seeds promote digestion.

The combination with chestnuts is also beneficial. These are basic and create a harmonious balance to the acidity caused by large portions of meat. Or you fill the bird with apples. The pectin in apples absorbs fats and acts as a digestive aid.

You can also prevent bloating and stomach problems by eating slowly.

Pineapple and artichoke supplements work as natural digestive aids as they stimulate gastric and bile juices.

Vitamins and minerals also help against the concentrated load of sweets, too much strong coffee and alcohol on the holidays. Above all, citrus fruits such as oranges, kiwis and lemons provide the body with vitamins, especially a lot of vitamin C. This has anti-inflammatory, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering effects and also protects against stress and colds. Vitamin C also improves protein digestion in meat and fish.

You should already keep your digestion going before the holidays: The easiest way to do this is to eat fruit and vegetables in between, drink plenty of water and season dishes with caraway seeds, pepper or turmeric. Exercise in the fresh air also keeps digestion going and prevents stomach problems. You also break down calories in the process.

Chewing dry bread or walnuts helps against heartburn. Warm milk also helps