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Documentation: Edmund Stoiber's immortal Transrapid speech

During his term in office (1993 to 2007), the Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber (CSU) carried out a project with particular vigor: He wanted to create a magnetic suspension railway between Munich Central Station and the Franz Josef Strauss Airport near Erding, which was named after his political foster father. S-Bahn trains go there regularly today: travelers can get from the airport to the city center in just over three quarters of an hour. It was too slow for Stoiber.

In a now legendary speech at his party's New Year's reception in Munich in early 2002, he made a fiery plea for the Transrapid developed by Siemens and ThyssenKrupp. This speech has it all. Because in the end, the recipient no longer understands whether he is taking the super-fast train or the main train station himself to the airport or whether this great Transrapid ultimately doesn't care - because time and space somehow coincide with the maglev.

A little history of the distribution of this "speech of the century" - as it is praised on the cover of an audio book CD called "Stoibers Legacy", which has recently become very popular in Bavaria - goes something like this. About four years after the Transrapid speech, it came into circulation again via a local radio in Munich and via internet blogs: initially as an MP3 file and later refined and backed up with pictures or explanatory panels as a video, for example on YouTube. In addition, home DJs mixed snippets of speeches with music and rhythms.

All you have to do is google "Transrapid-Rede" and you will receive hundreds of such self-made productions. It shows again that the Internet is a great thing. Nevertheless, we are documenting the transcript of Stoiber's century speech on the Transrapid in a very old school masterpiece - because today, on March 27, 2008 and more than six years after the rhetorical magic game,


Edmund Stoiber on the advantages of the Transrapid

New year's reception of the CSU Munich, January 21, 2002

"If you leave the main station in Munich ... in ten minutes without having to check-in at the airport, then you basically start at the airport ... at ... at the main station in Munich you start your flight. Ten minutes Take a look at the big airports, if you are in Heathrow in London or anywhere else, my very ... uh, Charles de Gaulle in France or in ... in ... in Rome.

If you look at the distances when you look at Frankfurt, you will find that you need ten minutes anytime in Frankfurt to find your gate. If you take off from the flight ... from ... the main train station - you get into the main train station, you take the Transrapid to the airport in ... to the airport Franz Josef Strauss in ten minutes.

Then start practically here at the main train station in Munich. That means, of course, that the main station is basically growing closer to Bavaria ... to the Bavarian cities, because that's clear, because many lines from Bavaria converge at the main station. "(Source: Die GrĂ¼nen in Bayern)

Listen to the speech as MP3 at heise.de