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Insert a GarageBand song into a Clips video

In the latest version of the Clips app, you can add your own soundtrack to a video on your iPhone or iPad. Just create a song using GarageBand for iOS, then follow the steps outlined in this article.

Share GarageBand song with clips

First, share your GarageBand song with clips.

  1. Open GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad. Then look for the song you want in the "My Songs" overview.
  2. In the "My Songs" overview, tap on "Select", then on the song you want to use and finally on the "Share" button.
  3. On the Share Song screen, tap Song.
  4. Set the audio quality, enter any song information, then tap Share.
  5. In the Share window, tap Copy To Clips. GarageBand exports the song by clips, and clips open automatically.

Add song to clips

Now add your song to a new or existing clips project.

  1. To create a new video, tap ٙ "Create". To insert the song into an existing video, tap on the relevant project.
  2. In the Music window, tap the play buttonto play a sample of the song. When you're ready to use the song, tap Done. Otherwise, tap Delete next to Imported Audio. If you want to use a song you've already deleted, share it again in GarageBand.
  3. If you want to paste the song into a new video, record the new video clip. If you'd like to use it in an existing video instead, skip this step.
  4. Tap the play buttonto hear the song along with the video. The GarageBand song will automatically play with your video, cropping to the length of the video.
  5. To only hear the GarageBand song (not the audio recorded with the video), tap the Mute button. If the timeline contains multiple clips, each clip must be muted individually.

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