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Hamas gives Israel an ultimatum

The anniversary of the Israeli invasion of East Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967 is a public holiday in Israel, Jerusalem Day. From the Israeli perspective, Jerusalem, which had been divided between Israel and Jordan, was reunited; From the Palestinian point of view, this began a decades-long occupation - the annual parade with Israeli flags through the old town to the Western Wall is seen as a provocation. It was feared that it would go even deeper this year because an Israeli organization is trying to sue several Palestinian families from their homes at the same time. The march of young Israelis on Jerusalem Day in the Old City was canceled at short notice on Monday.

In the wake of the riots over the weekend, the Supreme Court postponed a hearing scheduled for Monday for a month. But further lawsuits against other Palestinian families are pending: Up to 1,000 Palestinians are threatened with losing their homes, said Amit Gilutz, spokesman for the human rights organization BeTselem: "These organizations seem to have more money than ever before."

"The powder keg is burning and may explode at any moment," retired Major General Amos Gilead told Army Radio on Sunday. "This situation cannot be compared with previous clashes." The police and military have given up the tried and tested strategy of staying in the background on particularly explosive days, such as the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

At the weekend, the Hamas armed wing had already fired three rockets at Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip. A spokesman for the organization in Gaza demanded on Monday that Israel must withdraw all police officers and settlers from the Temple Mount and from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem by 6 p.m. local time. In addition, all Palestinians arrested in the recent confrontations should be released. It is a warning from Hamas.

Because of the renewed violent clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli police and rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli authorities cleared the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Monday.

The Jordanian government had previously called in the Israeli ambassador and the US government put its concerns on record. Israel's incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused his critics of encouraging Palestinian "terrorists" with these statements. There is a reason that he is not doing anything to de-escalate: He needs the support of the ultra-right religious-Zionist party, even speaks of an electoral alliance. And their MPs are currently at the forefront of the provocations.

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