What is an all purpose flour name

What is all-purpose flour?

I have Atta, and Maida too.

Which of them qualifies as All-purpose flour ?
If that All-purpose flour has a special name, please enlighten me.


Of the two, maida flour is the 'western' all-purpose flour (which is an American term. In the UK, it's called plain flour). Atta flour is made from durum wheat, which is used, for example, for noodles (and of course for Indian bread such as chapatis).

Maida flour is made from 'normal' wheat, but it also has a lower protein content than all-purpose flour (8-10% versus 9-12%). The effects of this lower protein content will depend on what you are cooking. Maida flour should be good for baking cakes, for example.

All-purpose flour (sometimes just abbreviated to AP) has a protein content in the middle of the range for wheat flour. High protein flour is known as "bread flour" and low protein flour is "cake flour". Flours that contain more protein will develop more gluten, resulting in a stronger, more stretchy, and tougher dough. This is ideal for bread, especially breads that are supposed to have a tougher consistency and a firmer crust, e.g. B. baguette, sourdough, rustic bread and so on. Low protein flour is used for softer products such as cakes, muffins, and cookies (in the American sense, that is, chemically soured buns, not in the British sense for crackers or cookies). With its medium protein content, AP can be used for bread or cakes and results in a product that is neither very tough nor very soft.

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