What does the ultraviolet color look like

Black light wall paints

Imaginative party locations are guaranteed to be the talk of the day. That's why it's worth it Dance hall or the Cellar bar to decorate especially in detail. With Black light UV color this is very easy to do. Draw outlines of lettering, spray funny sayings on the walls or make a cool one graffiti to the highlight. For theme parties this is Black light UV color also a really cool idea.

Celebrate a beach party with summery UV Hawaiian chains and trendy colorful cocktails. You can also paint floors, partitions and party furniture to match Black light UV colorDon't forget the right lighting for your artwork.

We are happy to help you choose the right oneUV luminous paint!

Should the color be visible or invisible in daylight?

  • Invisible UV color is only inBlack light visible. This is great forhidden graffiti or markings!
  • by daylightvisible UV color we recommend for all other applications when the "invisible" effect is not required.

Depending on the application, we offer suitable colors:

  • Black light wall paints & craft paints: TheseLuminous colors are ideal for decorating walls - simply paint on a white wall for the best lighting effect. They hold inside and outside, and on many materials such as wood, fabrics etc .: 5 color set
  • Invisible UV wall paints: These colors are always in demand when the colors invisible in daylight should be! They stick to walls and many other surfaces - but the important thing is: the The background should be as light / white as possibleso that the color is really invisible and shines well.

Do you still have questions? Write to us, we will be happy to advise you on the choice of UV color or black light color!