What is a good inexpensive underwater camera

Underwater camera test 2021 • The 7 best underwater cameras in comparison

Use the underwater camera properly

So that the experiment, under water To take good photos, to really succeed, you have to use them properly. After all, shaky images are not exactly an attractive alternative. Control over the at all times Underwater camera having it is very important!

Unpredictable situations under water - hands should stay free! The Underwater camera permanently in the hand holding it is not an option, because you would only have one hand free in an emergency. You with a loop Attaching it to the wrist is not much better and can be annoying. A reliable one Mounting option is the be-all and end-all for a successful dive.

Every diver uses a special one BC jacket, which protects him and is still nice and light - so the best option would be to combine the underwater camera with this jacket. That succeeds with Help a spiral binding. The underwater camera is fixed but always ready to hand and you have enough Flexibility, to be able to take his snapshots.

Caution should be a constant companion ...
For good reason, the mentioned variant is used in the external comparison test recommended. In this way, no diver gets into the unpleasant situation of having to weigh up whether or not to simply drop the underwater camera in an emergency!

This selection of underwater cameras is available

Disposable camera

Like the external one Comparison test shows you have it with the Disposable camera to do with a normal camera, which is surrounded by a waterproof housing. But there is another correspondence through which one can use single-use cameras Underwater function and can compare normal photo cameras;
only a normal film is required for both variants!


  • It's over after a single use!


  • Low acquisition costs from 10 euros!

Digital camera

Since the Digital camera It is a very ordinary camera that is primarily used over water, it has to be "pimped up" a little before jumping into the cool water.

External underwater cameras recommend comparison tests for this purpose special packaging, which are waterproof.
If you pack the digital camera, it is ready for the water - if you unpack it again, it takes brilliant photos on the surface of the water!


How external Underwater camera Comparison test prove, exist among the action cams by now Underwater editions. According to a study, they are more compact and achieve good test results, especially in the stormy underwater world.

Quality camera

With a direct comparison of various Photo cameras is the congruence clearly recognizable compared to other products. But there are also fine ones here Differences. With regard to this variant of an underwater camera, you do not need an inspection to recognize the core competence - you only have to look at the snapshots from the underwater world; Razor-sharp photos, which are hard to beat in terms of quality!

The most important test criteria after the analysis and the test run

For creating a Comparison table targeted evaluations are necessary.

An external one Test comparison team takes the examinations from the practical test as a basis for presenting the most important key data in the form of a juxtaposition. From the order to the sample of the delivery conditions of various Online retailer, up to the practical attempt to test the respective product -
in a complex Product test all these facts are included!

But what are the test grades from the product test made up of?

Certain product features and attributes are determined in advance, which are made up of the empirical values ​​of external experts and customer reviews.
With the underwater cameras it looks like this:

Attributes and product features for underwater cameras

The protective mechanisms of the underwater camera

A high one Protection factor (IP68) According to the evaluations of external comparison tests, it should already be available. A Watertightness up to a water depth of 30 meters actually makes sense when diving and snorkeling.

The weight of the underwater camera

The underwater camera should by no means be too heavy so that the application does not become a burden. Models weighing between 60 and 80 grams are optimal, up to 140 grams however, it is still within the tolerance range.

The fastening options

Most models come with a small one loop for the wrist fitted.
Unfortunately this is not ideal and is a bit of a hindrance when diving. A spiral binding to attach to the BC is better.

picture quality

A Photo resolution between 12 and 20 MP is absolutely fine and stands for a high quality Picture quality.

Storage capacity

The tested models range between 32 GB and 64 GB in this regard. The more capacity there is, the longer you can of course film. In the customer reviews of external comparison tests, one is accordingly enthusiastic about the 64 GB models.

The video resolution

Razor sharp is simply contemporary. At the end of the day, every diver probably wants to get the feeling of being under water again when looking at his recordings;
the more intense the better - so FULL HD is appropriate for the situation!

All important test criteria at a glance:

Test criterion 1:
The respective MODEL; What kind of underwater camera are you dealing with?

Test criterion 2:
The existing NET WEIGHT; how heavy is the tested camera?

Test criterion 3:
The PROTECTION FACTOR; how shockproof is the camera and up to what depth of water does it hold up?

Test criterion 4:
The DIMENSIONS of the camera; what are the dimensions and are they ideal?

Test criterion 5:
The display; 2 inches or even above - how big is the screen?

Test criterion 6:

Test criterion 7:
PHOTO RESOLUTION; 12 MP / 16 MP or 20 MP - how good is the image quality?

Test criterion 8:
FASTENING POSSIBILITIES; do you have both hands free when diving or not?

What you should pay attention to when buying a good underwater camera

Ultimately, the quality of the underwater photographs stands or falls with the color representation, because they should be color-fast and razor-sharp in any case.
As external comparison tests show, the best photos need three things:

1. a brilliant color display
2. a good contrast and
3. a satisfactory sharpness.

Waterproof and maximum diving depth

Waterproof and maximum diving depth are other important factors. Some models hold up to a maximum water depth of around 10 meters, others even up to a depth of 30 meters. So you should adapt your dream camera to your habits; the deeper the camera can withstand the pressure, the better!

Lighting conditions

The Lighting conditions deteriorate underwater, so a good quality lens is essential. An optical zoom is to be preferred to the digital zoom in any case, since the digital zoom only enlarges the digital image beyond recognition.

Optical image stabilizers

Optical Image stabilizers also contribute a lot to the image quality, as even the movements during the recordings can be better absorbed.


Generous Displays of at least 2 inches and more are a must, as you cannot get close enough to the optical viewfinder with diving goggles.


The height resolution was also specially mentioned in the external comparison test, as it is responsible for the sharpness of the images;
15 megapixels have to be!


Generous Keys with a good one Feel make it easier to use, because dexterity is somewhat limited under water.


An optimal one saturation The recording is based on the white balance, which is why it should definitely be present. Otherwise, the images will look slightly faded.

The magic ten - the following underwater camera manufacturers are among the best known

  • GO PRO
The AKASO brand supplies underwater cameras of good quality at fair prices. The action cams from this company were also able to convince in the external test. In addition to the FULL HD variants, there are also somewhat weaker models, but they do an excellent job - especially in terms of prices. For around 60 euros you can get decent underwater cameras for really good shots. The AKASO company has meanwhile proven itself in this sector and has long since made a name for itself.
When it comes to a favorable price policy, the manufacturer AQUAPIX should not be missing. In the past, it was able to convince more often in the external comparison test. You can definitely rely on the image quality despite the difficult conditions that the underwater world brings with it. AQUAPIX is particularly popular and well-known among the younger generation of divers - this is not least due to the trendy colors of the cameras, because they look a lot!
If you immerse yourself in the world of CANON, you are surrounded by inkjet printers, SLR cameras, digital cameras and other accessories. The quality standards are and always have been high and most likely will stay that way. The brand CANON is also not an unknown equation in the underwater camera comparison test and has already scored several points. Whoever buys CANON makes no mistake!
The success story of the “old hand” FUJIFILM could not be more exciting, because a lot has happened since it was officially entered in the commercial register in 1966. FUJIFILM has actually made contemporary history, because not many hold out that long. The company has cleverly and skillfully adapted to external conditions and skillfully staged the wishes and ideas of its customers.
The result is a combination of older and newer products related to film and photo printing.
Apps and accessories, drone technology and cameras - that is the world of the GO PRO brand.
Sports enthusiast Nick Woodman founded the company in 2002 and this idea came from the fact that he is a passionate surfer and was looking for a way to take excellent pictures of his “surfing”. It all started with a 35 millimeter camera, which was attached to the wrist with a neoprene plastic strap. GO PRO is now active in over 100 countries around the world - with products that are technologically significantly improved, of course!
“Going deep” - that could be the motto of the renowned company NIKON.
Whether you devote yourself to photography professionally or try your hand at some snapshots as a layman;
Basically, NIKON wants to do justice to everyone and provides a wide range of high-quality cameras. There are plenty of accessories in the form of lenses or memory cards and that makes passionate photographers' hearts beat faster. In any case, NIKON is a welcome guest in the external comparison test.
The stocks are still good for the Japanese company OLYMPUS and have been for some time! Digital opto products are the manufacturer's core competence, both for private leisure needs, for business needs and also within the medical sector. OLYMPUS has planned a lot and is doing it with the utmost precision. All digital cameras, lenses and all accessories ensure razor-sharp images. The brand plays a decisive role in the external underwater camera test.
The PANASONIC brand seems to have a solution for every problem, because the areas
. Flat screen TV
. Home entertainment
. Photo & video
. Personal Care & Health
. kitchen and household
. Telephone & fax are just as much part of the varied portfolio as
. Other products and spare parts.
Especially in the area of ​​cameras for underwater recordings, PANASONIC often shows its best side in external tests. Years of experience and technical expertise pay off.
FULL HD, ACTION-CAM, the smallest WiFi camera or even the compact digital camera -
With the versatile products from SOMIKON, you always get good, high-quality pictures to dream of. But that's not enough for the company, because SOMIKON also provides us with innovative photo accessories for the iPhone and endoscope cameras. So well equipped, it shouldn't be difficult for anyone to reminisce.
The 4K action camera from VICTURE was able to assert itself positively in the external test and this is not the only model that regularly makes a name for itself at VICTURE. Exploring the underwater world and capturing fantastic moments in photo series - that's no problem at all with this brand! High-quality recordings are possible at fair prices, because the VICTURE versions offer a balanced and attractive price-performance ratio. This has also been confirmed again and again in the customer reviews of external comparison tests!

“BEST OF FIVE” - the most popular underwater camera designs from Amazon

Waterproof digital action camera with touchscreen from Go Pro

4K HD videos and 12 MPPhoto recordings succeed with flying colors with this underwater camera. To a depth of 10 meters The robust housing keeps it tight and thanks to the integrated voice control it can be given commands hands-free. The recordings can even be uploaded to the social network via livestream.

Round 380 euros costs this camera. It is sold, however, by the company JANEAU LIMITED from England, which is not too dramatic because the Amazon platform handles the shipping - this is always quite uncomplicated!

Underwater digital camera 1080P FULL HD from SEREE

These waterproof camera has a 2.7 inch color display on the back side. The front was made with a secondary 1.8 inch color display equipped as the ideal viewfinder for selfies. This device is absolutely watertight up to a maximum depth of 10 feet. Round 85 euros this model costs from SEREE and both sales and shipping are handled by Amazon.

Underwater camera for snorkeling from the brand LINNSE

This shapely version of a camera for the underwater world is lemon yellow and therefore it can hardly be overlooked even in the biggest swell.

Since the water seal is completely sealed, the device will hold up to a maximum water depth of 3 meters absolutely tight. 24.0 MP photos and videos in FULL HD are guaranteed according to the manufacturer with this piece of jewelry.

With a size of 2.7 in the display is pleasantly spacious and clearly laid out. Just over 80,-Euro you have to put on to buy this camera. LIMCOM EU TECH takes over the sale and Amazon takes care of the entire dispatch.


4K WiFi and a water resistance up to 40 meters - what more do you want? This variant is delivered together with a practical remote control. An external microphone is also included.

With the external test became the multiple Recording modes mentioned in praise. This includes videos and photos in time lapse, burst, selfie, slow motion, loop recordings, auto mode and time switch.

With approximately 55 euros this camera is one of the cheaper, but far from the worst of all the models tested. The sale is carried out by the Japanese company JIEU, and the device is shipped via Amazon.


This version is also waterproof up to a maximum water depth of up to 40 meters. It is a helmet camera with a practical wireless remote control and an external microphone.

Professional 4K images and Videos in 16 MP quality respectively 30 FPS videos are possible. The robust housing withstands the shocks and the LOOP recordings allow a lot of artistic freedom.

Round 50 Euros you have to invest in this underwater camera. The company CROSSTOUR itself sells, and Amazon handles the shipping.

What does Stiftung Warentest say about the underwater cameras?

In various tests since Year 2008 tested different underwater cameras.

The tested digital cameras and camcorders were represented by the renowned brands PANASONIC and OLYMPUS and even survived deeper dives with good results. The prices were between EUR 266 and EUR 385.

The camcorders were tested at a depth of 1.5 meters and the cameras were even tested below 3 meters. Both variants kept what the manufacturer promised! In terms of image quality, the cameras always failed when there was too little light. In this case the photographs were slightly blurred - artistically, however, not uninteresting!

In summary The uncomplicated, simple usability under the difficult conditions of all devices was particularly praised. The test result was very positive overall, so the cameras should be taken with you even if it gets wet and stormy.

All good things come in threes - the 3 questions

How does an underwater camera work?

Underwater cameras work from the principle here like any conventional camera also and they also need a perfectly normal film. The difference lies in their robust housing, which can withstand both vibrations and pressure under water.

Depending on the version, these cameras hold up to a depth of 10 meters, or up to one Maximum depth of up to 30 meters tight. Due to the sensitive technology, excellent underwater recordings are possible despite unwanted movements.

Which underwater camera is the best solution for children?

Here, depending on the age of the child and the interest in snorkeling and diving, cheap variants more sense to get started.

Important However, it is important to secure the camera in such a way that the child has both hands free while diving so that they are not exposed to unnecessary danger. It goes without saying that you should only dive with someone - especially with children!

What does the cheapest underwater camera cost?

To the 10 Euro. These are single-use underwater cameras. These are especially then very practically, if you do not intend to dive more often, but stay with a unique experience or at least it is a rarity! The film can be submitted and developed as normal in a photo studio or online.

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