All IITians study at night

What is the difference between an iitian and a student at a local engineering school?

As I come from one of the top institutions in India, I can safely say that the institutions themselves do not provide any significant added value in terms of curriculum.

Even so, getting into the IIT is extremely difficult and only top people get a chance. Once you are in the institution, the contest receives 10x. So life doesn't get cold. This gives most graduates a competitive spirit. This also reflects the completion in the work.

The only major difference is internship opportunities. The numerous clubs in these organizations also provide a great opportunity to partner with leading companies.

In my experience, college students at IIT are given all of the resources necessary to develop their personalities. Now I'm going to talk about my own experiences. I am a government student going to an IIT to attend a sports festival. When I walked into the IIT's Gaye, it was late at 1:00 a.m. I saw students decorating the streets and I saw no professor there to lead them. Only students who manage all things including our stay and food management. So the thing is, the whole festival was led by students who strengthen their personalities. Many festivals take place in colleges other than IITs, but not to the extent that is organized in IITs. The reasons I saw on IITs were just fantastic and in terms of study I don't think that the professors at other colleges are less qualified, but the environment for studies in the hostels of IITs is too good. Companies also knew that IITs take the mind of students to another level, which is why they also prefer to have students from IITs as employees of their company. Many large companies give their companies placements and offer good packages. Therefore, IITs are also good when it comes to packets.

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See, if you really like engineering, the IIT or a state college doesn't matter. IIT can be of no use if you don't use the resources. Go for bunks, study irregularities, and more.

But if you are focused and determined to perform well, you can score even higher than IITians.

I'll give you a little tip.

There are many websites like GitHub and Geek for Geeks and others where you can upload your codes, seek help from other programmers, and solve problems. Some companies will see your GitHub profile and hire you.

If you see problems understanding a particular concept, or want to read more along those lines, take courses online. Wait, not from YouTube. Go for Udemy or Coursera. Review the course structure of several programs and begin your coding journey. Look for bestsellers.

You still have doubts about classroom lectures. Attend MIT OCW lectures. They are old videos, but the content remains almost the same. Just think you are reading in a regular state college but are looking for the benefit of an MIT student. Great, right.

"Where there's a will, there's a way" right?

If you're really into topics and concepts, high-paying packages are not just a dream for you, they can become a reality.

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There are many stages in which you can judge both people when in one stage you see that both are engineers. However, if you have looked in any other way you find that one person passes out from India's best universities and another from engineering school Be a God College, but this college is not in India's best universities. So it's a difference in many ways as college plays a big part in our internship. However, if you are a very good person, the day will not affect your internship

The facilities available to an IITian and a local college vary widely.

I studied metallurgy. There are six different areas in metallurgy. For each section we had 2/3 professors plus some extras for a total of 23 professors. This was for 25 students in each of the elementary school classes and 10/15 PG students.

We got a professor from a good engineering school. He taught three of the six sections. It makes a difference.

We also had a lot of advanced equipment available to the best universities in the world.

Even if two students of the same caliber enter these two institutions, the outcome will only be different based on the given degree.

There is only one difference

You enjoy life to the fullest.

You have to think about how it is possible, but believe me, it is the hidden truth.

Let's get this straight.

I went to the IIT BHU on behalf of my college cricket team at the sports festival. And I think I noticed there that the students of different IITs in different sports were screwing up the students in the local colleges in every sport… .. cricket, volleyball, basketball….


this means??

it means that not only do they study well, but they are athletic and good in many ways.

Now look at how they got there.

There are two types of serious Jee aspirants, one who is just studying, the second who is enjoying life by studying (enjoying means attending parties, not refusing parties, watching a newly released movie, spending time with friends) . And here comes the difference…. The second are IITians and the first are just average.

Note: I'm not saying that students who enjoy just getting into iits or students who are just studying don't get into iits. Understand the little difference between these two aspects

I failed my JEE exam for the first time. With no other choice, I decided to go to a local engineering school and prepare for JEE again. During my time in college, I was on their sponsoring team for a cultural festival.

When I go to companies for sponsorship, we usually don't have to wait long to come up with a proposal. The number of people who gave us the opportunity was few, as were the deals.

Shortened to one year, I clarified JEE and now represent IIT Kharagpur. It's much easier to get an appointment here. After entering the room, your day is no longer valid. You have to really impress them with your pitch. However, you can close more deals if you consider the options.

The difference between a local engineering school and an IITian is that the tag “IIT” easily offers the first opportunities compared to local engineering students. However, as you continue to grow in your career, people will prefer to recruit you based on your work experience, rather than just an "IIT" tag.

To graduate after your first job, no matter where you graduate, you really have to cut your ass off to "make a mark".

At the same time, it's perfectly fine if you're not looking for "make marks". You don't have to burden yourself with unnecessary social pressure. So relaxed!

There are exceptions on both ends. There are few brilliant people in Tier 3 institutions and there are also non-achievers at IITs. However, IITs get leverage based on the facts I'm about to mention.

Catch a random CS man at an IIT and local college and ask him a few simple questions about his or her industry. A local college guy would love to format your computer or design your website. IITian would love to do more sophisticated (but not too difficult) tasks like creating a RaspberryPi tool that comes up with any comment or message on Facebook, or fixing driver problems on your Ubuntu computer or configuring automatic VM assignment in Your cloud infrastructure.

With the advent of coaching courses, smart people have been replaced by strategic people. All you have to do is enter a good coaching institute, pay the massive fee, and do a scheduled study for two years.

"Work hard and you can get what you want :-)"

Thought of the day:

Every IITian may not be a successful person, and every successful person may not be an IITian.


: I'm in grade 3 engineering school and I trust myself when I say college day doesn't matter in the long run. & Do not forget. Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everyone will die.

Come on and watch TV Morty.

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