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Syllables and their separation in the German language

We will deal with hyphenation of syllables - or hyphenation for short - in this article. First of all, it is explained what a syllable actually is. And then let's take a closer look at the separation of syllables. This article belongs to our German section.

What is a syllable actually? A syllable is a basic rhythmic unit of a language. Every word in the German language consists of one or more syllables. A distinction is made between monosyllabic and polysyllabic words. This brings us to the separation of syllables:

  • monosyllabic: tree, mouse, corn
  • two-syllable: have, head, rent
  • in three syllables: divide, suitably

If you pronounce polysyllabic words slowly, you can usually hear the pauses between the individual syllables. Sometimes it happens that you have reached the end of the line while writing, but the word you have just started does not quite fit into this line. Then you can use the knowledge of hyphenation and "split" the word into two lines.

Individual vowels at the beginning or at the end of a word are not cut off:
  • Wrong: open
  • Wrong: A-bend

Compound words are separated at the word joint. So at the point where they were joined together:

  • Desk lamp
  • Swimming master


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