Is Donald Trump's tax audit complete?

White House: Trump's tax file remains secret

The call of the US Democrats for the publication of the tax returns of President Donald Trump is a "political trick," said the incumbent Chief of Staff of the White House, Mick Mulvaney, the broadcaster Fox News. A political attack is not a valid reason for the tax authority IRS to surrender the documents. Voters elected Trump as president in 2016, even though they knew he did not want to disclose his tax returns. Mulvaney said the opposition would "never" be able to inspect the president's tax files.

On Wednesday, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives' tax law committee, Richard Neal, officially requested the handover of Trump's personal and business documents from the past six years. According to his letter to the tax authorities, Neal wants to clarify the extent to which they examined the President's decisions and how strictly they proceeded.

Trump had immediately stated that he wanted to oppose a transfer of his tax returns to Congress. As before, he justified this with a tax audit that has been going on for years. Until this has been completed, he will not publish the documents.

Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow accused the Democrats of abuse of power. You could ask the tax authorities about their control methods, he told ABC. "The idea of ​​being able to use the IRS as a political weapon" is "wrong" from both a legal and a constitutional point of view.

Democrats: USA "no autocracy"

Democratic Congressman Ben Ray Lujan denied the allegations. The committee's demand was "by no means political," he told Fox. In recent history it has never been necessary to request tax returns from presidents because they have published them voluntarily. Trump, as a candidate, had promised to publish it as soon as he was elected, but later refused to do so.

Democrat Dan Kildee said Trump could "not decide for himself and for Congress what could be a legitimate subject" of an investigation. "This is not an autocracy," said the congressman on ABC broadcaster.

Trump only made a shortened statement on his financial situation in 2017. He is the first US president since Richard Nixon to keep his tax return secret. This has fueled speculation about his income and wealth. Before his election as president, Trump had made millions in sales in the real estate and hotel sectors.

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