Women prefer men in suits

Men's outfits that women really like

Guess how many women think that men in Germany are not well dressed. And what do you appreciate 20 percent, maybe 30? Completely wrong! A full 52 percent think that the men's wardrobe leaves a lot to be desired. But don't get nervous now. We'll tell you which looks you can score with and of course which outfits are a flop.

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Sporty types have the edge

Do women like suits? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The opposite is the case: According to surveys by the personal shopping service Outfittery, the business look even falls in last place among the ladies. Men, on the other hand, are much better off with a relaxed sporty outfit.

Cool jogging pants (a hybrid between suit pants and sweatpants), which give every outfit a cool, relaxed look, are particularly popular. This is also confirmed by style studies on the dating platformParship. Here, sportily dressed guys with T-shirts, jeans and sneakers land at the top of the winner's podium (68 percent).

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With a down-to-earth look you are on the safe side

Basically, down-to-earth types are well received. A good half of the women in the survey stated that they would like a man who needs a maximum of 20 minutes in the morning for personal hygiene and getting dressed. With a subtle shirt or sweater with chinos, 46% of the women surveyed do not make you look too chic or too sporty. So how about this look:

  • casual denim jacket: preferably classic with a subtle wash, without rivets or decorations
  • Discreet polo shirt: the most style is demonstrated with a knitted polo shirt in a muted color; not too chic, not too sporty
  • sand-colored chino pants: this summer with a pleat and cropped to the ankle length
  • puristic sneakers or (natural) white Converse Chucks

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Elegant but in moderation

Since most women are not into suits, that doesn't mean that all chic looks fail. If you'd like to wear a suit, make sure you don't look like you're selling insurance to your date over coffee. The suit should definitely (especially in summer) have a friendly color (light beige or gray).

Dark colors look far too conservative and formal. Therefore, it is better to wear a single-breasted jacket than a double-breasted jacket. To give the outfit something relaxed and casual, wear a plain-colored T-shirt / fine knit sweater underneath and combine it with retro-style sneakers.

Women prefer wide trousers instead of skinny jeans

Muck out the skinny jeans! Skinny pants are not well received by the ladies. And, according to Outfittery, they land directly behind men's sandals on the list of items of clothing that women would prefer not to see on men anymore. You can score points with relaxed chinos and wide jeans. Wide trousers are currently in vogue anyway. Pants can look like pants again and not like tights.

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Conclusion: relax, then you will do everything right

Women can enjoy relaxed leisure looks more than stressful business outfits. You can't go wrong with the combination of shirt, wide pants and sneakers. Most men should be fine with that. Basically, of course, the following applies: Dress the way you like! Because when you feel good, you radiate that too - and that goes down well on a date too.

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