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Platinum is extremely rare and yet constantly present in our everyday lives.

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Platinum is rarer and heavier than gold and has a number of extraordinary properties: It is extremely corrosion-resistant and, unlike other precious metals, hardly tarnishes - an important reason for the popularity of platinum jewelry. It is also highly reactive and catalytically selective. This makes platinum a raw material for the automotive industry that cannot be substituted to this day.

Although platinum was processed into jewelry in ancient times, there were also times when its value was misunderstood. In the Middle Ages, platinum was considered an annoying bycatch in gold mining and was thrown away. The name of the precious metal (from Spanish Palatina, "small silver") also comes from this time.

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Manufacture of coins and jewelry

Buying Platinum: Applications and Industries

1Buying high-quality jewelry made of platinum is just as much in demand as a luxury item and investment, as is the platinum Maple Leaf and American Platinum Eagle investment coins that are still common today.

2Platinum is in demand in the manufacture of vehicle catalytic converters (diesel), catalytic converters in fuel cells and large-scale industrial processes (saltpetre production).

3Because of its good tolerance, platinum is an important raw material in the production of pacemakers, implants and brain probes.

4 Platinum is used wherever highly stressed contacts must not corrode under any circumstances for safety reasons.

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“When evaluating precious metals, it's not just objective factors that play a role. Very complex dynamics take effect here, for which, among other things, the economic situation, interest rate developments, the export policies of large countries such as South Africa (70% of world production) and ties to the price of other precious metals play a role. Many experts find it difficult to explain the decline in platinum prices since the last all-time high, because it cannot be explained rationally.

If you look at the long-term development of the price of platinum, for a long time it was worth around a third more than gold - also because it is more expensive to mine. There is much to suggest that this price ratio will be restored in the long term. Since platinum v. a. for the manufacture of catalytic converters for diesel vehicles depends a lot on the most important indicators for the automotive industry. "

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