What can you only buy in Canada

Souvenirs in the land of maple syrup

The land of maple syrup

The symbol of Canada is the maple leaf. Aside from the world famous maple syrup, you will also find butter, candy and other maple syrup-based products that will remind you of your trip to Canada. As for the syrup, you need to watch out for its contents: only choose the syrup that is 100% natural and does not contain glucose syrup! This is sure to make the pancakes a success when you return!

Another typical Canadian product: the cranberry. This berry, which has a slightly sour taste, is used both in the preparation of desserts and to refine meat sauces. Canada also produces whiskey and beer. And bring a square shape for brownies too! All Canadians have such a shape. And you will quickly become a master chef in the opinion of your children.

American Indian items and ... sportswear!

In the west of the country you will You can find numerous items that are used by the Native Americans (jewelry; leather moccasins) as well Art objects. If you want, you can purchase steatite sculptures made by Inuks. If you are into sports, your trip to Canada will be a wonderful opportunity to buy a complete set of sports equipment: the prices are lower than in Germany and the quality is the same.

Other classic souvenirs from Canada

You can find t-shirts, hats, key chains, mugs, calendars and other classic souvenirs in all Canadian stores ... Sure, you can find them in all countries of the world, but Canadians are especially fond of them, so you buy a lot of these gifts . Bring everyone a small stuffed animal or one Canada keychain With. You are sure to find many items that have been decorated with images of various animals that are characteristic of Canada: reindeer, beavers, squirrels, whales and grizzly bears. You can also bring a CD of folk or contemporary music.

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Updated on March 22, 2016