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Corona - this is how dizziness works!

[INFO April 12, 2020: Please note the addition at the end of the text]

Since the COVID wave has rolled through Germany, the YouTube channels have been filled with claims. Corona is not dangerous at all, the measures taken therefore possibly a "war against the citizens" (Eva Hermann), nothing but "stagings" (Rüdiger Dahlke), or the "delusion" of a "traumatized society" (Franz Ruppert) or . the newest excitement of our "excitement society" (Richard David Precht).

Official statistics as evidence

Critics like Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, who see the COVID epidemic as an artificial "hype", like to use "official" statistics for their arguments to prove that the wave of COVID-19 deaths reported in the press does not actually exist. Gladly taken: the data on the website Mortality monitoring in Europe, short Euro-MOMO. From the beginning, the death data collected there by the EU were used for the same reference: even the EU cannot determine any increased mortality from COVID-19!

Well, I don't really care, but I get so many questions about it that I notice that this message catches on even with people who actually have enough displacement and visual acuity to distinguish an X from a U.


Dizziness from the vertigo clinic

My collar finally burst when a very esteemed acquaintance asked me yesterday to comment on a YouTube film from the “Dizziness Clinic Sinsheim”.

A colleague reports lively about "Corona" with a stethoscope loosely around his neck - one should probably be allowed to know that medical advice is being given here. The alleged "Corona crisis" is in reality a trifle, "according to all available data, almost no one dies of COVID 19."

He has "objective" evidence for this.

Again the reference to Euro-MOMO

And the doctor from the vertigo clinic fades in the data on the Euro-MOMO website.

The colleague now comments with reference to the statistics shown on the right:

"... Italy is also there, and it is currently still not possible to see that the death rate has changed in any way due to the Corona crisis, or whatever it is called in the media."

That is - he continues after a solemn pause: "remarkable".

Notable ignorance

Even as Dr. Wodarg first appeared on the social media of the republic weeks ago (or through a relevant part of it), I took a look at the Euro-MOMO database to understand why the mortality trends there do not reflect the current COVID epidemic . Right on the entry page I found the following explanation:

"The number of deaths in the recent weeks should be interpreted with caution as adjustments for delayed registrations may be imprecise."

So: According to Euro-MOMO, the number of deaths in the past few weeks should be interpreted with caution, as they are imprecise due to delayed reporting. How strange that Dr. Wodarg, as an alleged expert, has not also read this introductory restriction! 😉

And dr. Schiffmann from the vertigo clinic? He has this limitation assuredly read. You can even find it in his YouTube post. Let's take a look at the screenshot that he added to his post when he introduced euro-Momo.

A highlighted heading can just be seen at the bottom: "Note concerning COVID-19 related mortality ..."

So: a note specifically about the COVID-19 epidemic, marked in extra bold. Dr. Schiffmann unfortunately cut away. It's hard to imagine that he hasn't read the section, since it makes up half of the entire text. And yes, he again points to the delayed reports, but also to the fact that COVID-19 has so far been limited to individual regions in Europe, so that the current development may not be recognizable in the summarizing graphics. And then as a summary: Even if an increased mortality rate due to COVID-19 cannot be read from the current Euro-MOMO graphics, does that not mean that this did not occur.

In the meantime, this notice has even been highlighted in red by the operators of the Euro-MOMO database - perhaps so that the last swindler will stumble over it in the future.

[Addendum 10.4 .: In the meantime, the operators of the website have put a color-coded map on the page to show excess mortality in pictures; supplemented with the following text:
The latest pooled estimates from the EuroMOMO network show a marked increase in excess all-cause mortality overall for the participating European countries, related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This overall excess mortality is driven by a very substantial excess mortality in some countries, primarily seen in the age group of 65 years and above, but also in the age group of 15-64 years.
Translated: The latest pooled estimates by the EuroMOMO network show a significant increase in excess mortality in the participating European countries in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. This overall excess mortality is caused by a very high excess mortality in some countries, which occurs mainly in the over 65 age group, but also in the 15-64 age group.

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Manipulation is that easy

But the doctor can cheat even better.

In another sequence he presents the "Japan Story". In Japan, the alleged epidemic was simply allowed to run. And happened - nothing.

A wonderful message that fits well into the picture of the harmless, willfully inflated pandemic: "No shutdown, no problems."

And as "objective" evidence, he fades in a report in the Japan Times.

But if you read the article, you will find it in it quite a different statement. Because of "no shutdown, no problems". Rather, the article explores the question of why Japan has gotten off so lightly in the COVID-19 pandemic. And explains that this may be due to the fact that infections could be identified “at a comparatively early stage”. The spread of the infection in Japan has so far been slowed down by the fact that a culture of social distance prevails in Japan anyway - people generally embrace less, do not shake hands and wash their hands more often than in Europe.

Otherwise, however, the article is mainly about one thing: That is Japan very likely to have problems. Und will soon have to take measures to contain the COVID-19 wave.

And that is exactly what the other international media, such as the New York Times (Japan's virus success has puzzled the world - is its luck running out?) Or The Guardian (Tokyo and Hong Kong brace amid fears of fresh wave of coronavirus cases).

Why don't you read the sources in the vertigo clinic with which you want to support your theses?

Enough now!

I could now address other perceived ridiculousities in the videos - for example that the good man likes to talk about his "advisory staff" or that he suggests that the intensive care units in Spain are currently not full because COVID-19 patients receive real medical help need, but because Grandma is now more afraid because of the panic that has been stirred up and her normal cough and other condition are therefore worsening.

Just maybe one more thing, because I think the argument is particularly unfair:

There is no real corona crisis in Italy, the hospitals are full because of the flu epidemic, and the COVID-19 deaths are mostly just paper tigers. So: the colleagues, nurses and nurses there only work against windmills?

As evidence, a statement by Prof. Walter Ricciardi is cited, which the vertigo doctor interprets as follows: The real corona deaths are far below the reported corona deaths, by a factor of 8. Everything is exaggerated.

But if you take the trouble to read Prof. Ricciardi's statements about COVID-19, Prof. Ricciardi says exactly the opposite of what the vertigo doctor wants to prove in his videos. In emotional, urgent appeals, Professor Ricciardi advises TAKING this epidemic SERIOUSLY, since he was the one who brought the Italian government to its far too late lockdown has urged. Yes he says:

"We have realized that this is a kind of war" (Prof. Walter Ricciardi)

And our fraud doctor is now citing this professor as a key witness for his attack on the "fake epidemic"?

Are you crazy??????

Who dies from COVID-19?

If you go into the argument that 80% of corona cases actually have nothing to do with COVID-19, you come across an old debate that has been going on since the COVID wave: If many people who suffer from COVID-19 19 die, yes Pre-existing illness - shouldn't the current deaths then have to be attributed to these previous illnesses and not to COVID-19? A legitimate and important question. Unfortunately, it does not lead to the conclusion that Dr. Schiffmann draws from this that COVID-19 is harmless.

Rather, it leads into a no man's land. If I personally, who have a previous illness, may soon be admitted to hospital because of a SARS-CoV-2 infection and then die - was it the fault or my previous illness? The 20 or 30 years that I might have had - were they wiped out by COVID-19, or by my previous illness?

Oh guys.

Perhaps a look at the data will help here too. What has so far been known about severe COVID-19 courses is that the majority of those who have died actually already had illnesses such as high blood pressure or diabetes - but these previous illnesses in most cases were not immediately fatal.

Yes, it's true, there are also patients who are already quite close to death, and they may actually be more common in Italy - but doesn't that make the COVID-19 epidemic bad? Or even fake?If I read the reports that day about the deaths in Italy, it is - contrary to what the vertigo doctor suggests - not supposedly about the problem too often data reported as COVID deaths, but the problem of "underreporting" - that is currently likely far too low Death numbers are reported. This is because, on the one hand, the official registration figures do not include domestic deaths at all, but above all because some municipal administrations no longer function at all and then simply report the death data from last year to the district government. For example, 31 deaths were reported by the municipality of Nembro near Bergamo, but research revealed 158.

What's going on?

I really don't understand how people can be so carefree with the truth, numbers, and graphics. Most recently, Dr. Schiffmann even presented the French state and the French medical profession to the French state and the French medical profession in a contribution that was shocking, undignified, and twisted the facts without reason, that they carried out “euthanasia”. He describes the situation of old people who have now called the emergency services, "because they have an illness, and they are actually killed with an opiate cocktail." However, this "euthanasia" is not a result of COVID-19 ("the virus is harmless." !!! "), but rather the consequence of the" targeted mass panic "" caused by people like Professor Drosten. "I don't know, but if our constitutional state still works, such statements shouldn't be allowed to stand still. They poison our society.

Really, I am perplexed and angry too at this point. Yes, this epidemic scares us all, but that's the cheapest way out: just pretend it's all fantasy! This strategy is a protection for children, but it also only works for children.


From what I have said, pressing questions arise for me. Questions also to the many otherwise oh-so-“critical” people, who so far think they recognize the tiniest bit of “fooling” in every debate - and now in this crisis (yes, it IS a crisis) of all things, they are speaking to the lips of prophets hang.

Why are you being fooled like that? If you buy even a lipstick or even a toy for your children, you research in every corner of the Internet whether the product has been tested by at least three independent institutions, whether it contains any “chemistry”, and where it might be a few cents cheaper. Now, with such a serious question, so many are falling for the cheapest number at once, really. All you have to do is put on a stethoscope or say the old story in measured words: I am an expert, I know everything. It is authoritarian behavior! NOTHING relieves you of the responsibility of turning your brain on, reading, reading, reading. And not just where the fare is light, but in depth, in breadth! And if you don't like to read: believe your eyes, trust your mind! Everything else degrades and devalues ​​those who are in this time To take care of, Taking responsibility, caring for the sick, relieving those affected by their fears - and not by belittling the problems and not by inciting against “those up there”, that's a scam that is now just ridiculous. But through that Acknowledge our problems. Through responsible weighing. With respect for those who are doing their best here.

What should a doctor in a hospital in New York or Bergamo think when they see the films from the dizziness clinics in this republic? When you read what's being spread about this disease that you are fighting here and now?

"A laboratory test pandemic"

"The virus doesn't make us sick"

"Corona Virus - Robert Koch Institute admits there is no pathogen!"

"A weak seasonal flu!" (Rolf Kron)

"I really don't see any new illnesses on the horizon!" (Dr. med. Claus Köhnlein)Incidentally, this is what the doctor meant 10 years ago in the AIDS epidemic - for him it had nothing to do with HIV. Just great.

What should a doctor say in one of the many intensive care units currently working at the limit? That they're fucking idiots who sit on a fake ?? That the next patient who needs to be cared for doesn't even exist? Or didn’t die from the water in his lungs, but from his diabetes? Or the panic caused by "those up there" ???


But above all: How on earth does a doctor get the chance to hang a stethoscope around his neck and tell people such shoddy, pathetic nonsense? Is the virus harmless? There are no COVID-19 deaths at all? At least be fair to your colleagues out there.

And please shut up.


I dedicate this post to healthcare professionals in Italy. 39 of them died as a result of their service in this epidemic. Many suffer from post-traumatic stress that will accompany them throughout their lives. I take my hat off to you.


The topic "Corona" on


[Addendum on April 12th, 2020]This article got a lot of feedback, the reaction almost buried me. And there were comments that made me think: nobody says that in public. I would have to pay the bill if “100,000 old people die and 100,000 young people don't get an apprenticeship”. Or: how, as a pediatrician, I came to want to "lock up children".That is why I want to say something again about this text. On the one hand: In retrospect, I would have liked to have managed it more objectively, less related to specific colleagues, and simply more "above things". No, I didn't succeed.I'll just tell you what that has to do with it.I have dealt intensively with this epidemic since the first COVID-19 cases in Wuhan, when a trained pulmonologist for children turns on words like "pneumonia" ;-) I then have contributions to the medical drum-rum of this Disease, for example on the ibuprofen question or the question of whether lowering the fever in COVID-19 is really a good idea. Then I dealt with the question of how the epidemic will probably continue, and I came across the work of an American mathematician with whom I was able to exchange ideas and then presented his "epidemic calculator" in an article.I didn't know at the time that there are colleagues who regard the COVID-19 epidemic as fake news and pure scare tactics.Then I got an invitation to an interview with "Punkt.Preradovic" about my theses on the connection between childhood experiences and political attitudes. I didn't know the format, so clicked through the posts to see what might be in store for me. And came across Dr. Wodarg in conversation with the moderator. I couldn't believe my ears: Coronaviruses have always been buzzing around us, there is no epidemic. Yes, if we hadn't started testing, nobody would notice anything about this epidemic today ...That was at the time when the health system in Lombardy collapsed.Yes, and then I came across the contributions of a Dr. Shipman.And then my collar burst. With every film he put on the net, his statements became more radical and I became more stunned:- "Nobody dies from COVID-19"- What brings people into the intensive care units is the "panic" that is being stirred up now. The "grandmas" hyperventilate and clog the clinics with their "colds"- In reality, thousands of "euthanasia" are now being carried out - people are now being killed by doctors because the medical system in France, for example, has collapsed due to a fake epidemic. The blame for these deaths is Prof. Drosten, who "deliberately" spreads panic.It was this accusation against a recognized expert in his field that led me to write this post as I wrote it. Using the example of a YouTube film, I wanted to show how Dr. Schiffmann twisted the facts.No more and no less.And yes, the emotions got out of hand, I'm sorry. But the facts are correct. I have summarized them again in a very factual, sober article: Corona is not more dangerous than the flu !?"Nobody dies of COVID-19" - what a slap in the face from colleagues. In Italy alone, more than 100 doctors have now died working against COVID-19. Coronoavirus infection. Once again: Shame on you!HRP


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