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Deus ex machina

The outrage oozes from the lines of Jezebel, a site from the fallen Gawker empire that brings social concerns, entertainment, special offers on clothing sewn in the Far East, supposedly “sex” and career tips for the kind of woman who get this kind of combination of consumption , Self-interest and indignation interested. Jezebel can hardly come to terms with the fact that their partner site Defamer has already compiled a whole dossier of the worst dirty stories about Kevin Spacey from hearsay and calls for denunciation years ago. The reports fizzled out back then without any scandal. Gawker, however, slipped into bankruptcy because of a similar muck-hacking deal against Hulk Hogan. Gawker had a lot of material, but at the wrong time

And now it was the direct and similarly serious competition from Buzzfeed that brought Spacey down in the context of the Weinstein scandal. Because Defamer had all the current grub second-hand, but Buzzfeed had the 33-year-old story that Spacey allegedly molested a colleague who was 14 years old at the time. Spacey also lost a lot of sympathy with gays and minority activists when he made a statement about the news of his own homosexuality in addition to gaps in memory. The connection of abuse of minors and coming out is not really ideal for people who want to recognize everything bad in the patriarchy of the old, white, heterosexual man, and now have to admit again in the ongoing scandal that there is questionable behavior also with the otherwise always minorities portrayed as victims. Accordingly, the statement by the broadcaster Netflix that it would end the House of Cards series because of the allegations, was also acknowledged with approval by those who had praised this dystopia of American politics.

While there is now speculation about when and through whom the Weinstein scandal will turn into a pedophile scandal and become a problem for the Hollywood system itself, there are also smaller victims of the allegations that have become known so far. They are actually victims, i.e. at first glance bystanders, who actually only did their job, but obviously not good enough. Because Variety came into possession of an email from the media group Buzzfeed, which was sent to the employees before the portal went public with the allegations against Spacey. And this mail says a lot about the new thinking in the brave new internet media world:

Over the past few years, the BuzzFeed News Entertainment team has worked diligently to keep us up to date on the latest in TV, movies, and celebrity and industry news, delight us with smart takes on the latest in Hollywood, and keep us primed on what shows we should - or should not - be spending our time watching.
But, as we've seen since the election - and in entertainment stories like our great R. Kelly coverage and most of all the Weinstein scandal - the crucial stories sit at the intersection of entertainment, culture, politics and media. The holes in our Weinstein coverage made clear that we needed to change the way we cover entertainment to put ourselves in a position to tell great stories. Our audience wants to see how changing social norms, gender dynamics, and political issues are being reflected in their culture and entertainment

Buzzfeed is one of the most severely affected portals on the list of Shitty Media Men, which the knowledgeable can now download and view on Reddit - so the company is not only the voice in the chorus of the indignant, it sometimes needs clarification high up in the hierarchy . In any case, during the first weeks of the scandal, Buzzfeed was mostly just a reteller of what others had already published, while the story mentioned in the mail about the rapper R. Kelly and his relationships with women had not caused the desired sensation a few weeks earlier. Like Gawker, Buzzfeed learned here that it's not just the content that counts, but the timing and scope of the moral outrage. After all, sex scandals do happen again and again, but only a few result in global activism.

In any case, Buzzfeed reacts to the self-identified gaps in the reporting with the dismissal of three high-ranking employees in the management of the entertainment area and introduces a completely new structure. The most important point is a new department that is apparently intended to address the core issues of the Social Justice Warriors, also known as Snowflakes:

Moving forward, we'll be splitting our entertainment reporting into three distinct areas: one team, which will report into Kovie Biakolo, will be dedicated to in-depth reporting and analysis of the entertainment industry - honing in on cultural conversations like those about race and gender issues in Hollywood and helping us and our audience navigate what's worth our time

The career of the Nigerian-born and New York-based author at the head of an important team at Buzzfeed is amazing - there are only 5 posts of her at Buzzfeed, where employees are encouraged to mass-produce text, on Twitter, she has the same in times of her promotion once documented her attitude towards men:

And - anything but a matter of course for its reputation as a shallow kitten platform that Buzzfeed still enjoys - their contributions are also presented on the left-leaning platform Alternet, such as a typical piece of identity politics that has evolved into minority racism, which is a main reason for the poor performance of the Democrats applies to their traditional white working class voters. Biakolo stands for a radical attitude that recognizes racism one and a half months before the all-important choice, when whites commit “cultural appropriation”, for example by adopting recipes from other regions of the world. This elitist way of thinking, in which the white patriarchy is identified as the core of all evil, has, as is well known, not entirely won against Donald Trump, who placed such conventional topics as economy, work, prosperity and contempt for precisely those elites at the center of his election campaign. Now Buzzfeed is unleashing this writer on Hollywood and the entertainment arena, which has been on the Democratic side in a more traditional and majority-minded way. Biakolo aims to encourage more changes in the areas of gender and minorities and bring them closer to readers.

And Buzzfeed set an example for Kevin Spacey as to how one imagines the next steps. The entertainment industry, which is primarily targeting the young consumers of Buzzfeed, will not have it easy if there are ideological ideas at the top according to which large parts of the previous activities do not meet the moral standards. After Weinstein, Spacey was another personal friend of the Clintons - she showed that Biakolo doesn't think too much of the traditional Democrats in general and Clinton in particular on her previous platform, Thougt Catalog, which is even more than Buzzfeed promotes the so-called “progressives”.

The gap that runs through American cultural life is sure not to be narrowed by such strategic personnel decisions. On the one hand, there are indignation portals such as Buzzfeed, Jezebel or Vice with Broadley, who all see their hour coming and keep the scandal going without considering the investigation of the charges. On the other hand, Breitbart and the conservative media are happy about the mass extinction of Clinton supporters in the media and the cultural scene. And Hollywood somehow has to navigate between the furious calls for enlightenment, the cultural-revolutionary cleansing desires of the radical left and the mass tastes of the audience who often vote Trump. In any case, Buzzfeed has made a clear directional decision against “White Privilege” and has positioned itself ideologically far to the left.

At least in terms of content. Of course, this does not affect the plans to go public in the coming year and to sell old, white, privileged men. There, however, Buzzfeed has a certain problem: the platform's growth is not as good as hoped, and the company is still posting massive losses. In some countries such as Germany, global expansion is stalling, and new business areas such as simple videos with the simplest of dishes are easily copied by others. Even the most beautiful scandal does not feed anyone if the advertising machine behind it does not generate any money. Buzzfeed and Co. are still heavily dependent on the favor and network effects of the big tech companies Facebook and Google, whose platforms they use to distribute their content. Hollywood actors may have questionable pasts by today's moral standards. The future of the youth portals, who want to turn the indignation about it into a business model, is hardly any safer either.

Incidentally, this also illustrates the fate of Teen Vogue, which over the past few years has increasingly focused on gender issues and intersectional feminism - and is now being discontinued due to lack of success. Incidentally, this also affects the Lauren “male consequences” Duca linked above.



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