Why does Donald Trump not support Pakistan

Pakistan calls in US ambassadors after Trump's New Year's tweet

The US President threatened Islamabad with the suspension of financial aid in his first tweet of the year. Pakistan reacts angrily.

US President Donald Trump starts the new year with a diplomatic affront: The Pakistani government has called in the ambassador of the United States after his tweet on New Year's Day. A spokesman for the embassy in Islamabad confirmed on Tuesday that Ambassador David Hale had been summoned to the Pakistani Foreign Ministry on Monday evening. Trump had targeted Pakistan in his first Twitter message of the new year: he accused the country of giving refuge to "terrorists" and threatened to suspend US aid.

"The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than $ 33 billion in aid over the past 15 years," the president wrote. For its part, Pakistan had offered the US "nothing but lies and deceit" and considered them stupid, Trump further criticized. "You are giving refuge to the terrorists we are hunting down in Afghanistan. This is over!" He threatened.

Relationships get worse

Pakistan angrily denied the allegations. The country had done a lot for the US and helped to "decimate" the Al-Qaeda terror network, but in return it only reaped "abuse and mistrust," according to statements from the Foreign and Defense Ministries.

Since Trump took office about a year ago, the already difficult relations between Washington and Islamabad have deteriorated further. The US government told Congress in August it was considering holding back $ 255 million in aid to Pakistan because Islamabad was not cracking down on extremists.

Trump's predecessor Barack Obama had also criticized Pakistan's stance towards the radical Islamic Taliban, which Washington has been fighting since the September 11, 2001 attacks in Afghanistan. The government in Islamabad has repeatedly denied allegations that it has not acted decisively enough against radical Islamists. She points to billions of dollars being spent fighting extremism and thousands of people killed in Pakistan.