Where can I find short films

Video platform "Shortfil.ms"A kind of Netflix for short films

"Selfie from Hell" - A young woman wants to send her boyfriend a selfie. She adjusts her blouse, looks seductively into the camera and presses the shutter release on her smartphone. The horror takes its course. Behind her in the semi-dark living room you can see a dark figure that comes closer with every selfie: Erdal Ceylan's short film "Selfie from Hell" is a miniature shocker. One hundred seconds of goosebumps for the Internet generation. The clip has more than twelve million clicks on YouTube. An unusual success for a short film: "We have the theory that every filmmaker will work on a short film sooner or later, and although that is the case, you never find out about it. Short films take place at numerous national and international short film festivals, but if you do Asks people about their favorite short films, there might be a supporting film for a Pixar film, but that's about it. "

Media scientist Stefan Grund would like to change that. Together with two friends he founded "Shortfil.ms" - a kind of Netflix for short films. The three short films that you find on portals such as Youtube or Vimeo, but which are often lost there in the mass of videos, are brought together on the Internet platforms. The aim is to rediscover short films as an art form: "The format is particularly interesting for me. I find it interesting that, on the one hand, we are told again and again that the attention span is falling and that young people cannot stay longer than ten minutes with a video , but short films still don't have an audience. Actually, that should be the medium of the future. "

Almost 300 short films collected in the past year

The three brought together almost eight hundred short films in the past year. Including viral hits like the selfie video. Or the Sundance short film "Funnel" with "Better Call Saul" star Bob Odenkirk. But also numerous short films by unknown filmmakers. One focus is on German-language films to set yourself apart from the competition from other countries.

"I moved to the forest because I wanted to live with deliberation."

One of the most popular films at the moment is "Insight" by the young Austrian Janick Entremont. The poetic illustration of Henry David Thoreau's nature classic "Walden".

"To get closer to real, real life, to see if I couldn't learn what it had to teach so that when it came to dying I wouldn't have to see that I hadn't lived."

The use of "Shortfil.ms" is free of charge. Interested parties do not have to register, they can start immediately. As an orientation, the films can be sorted by genre, country of origin, language, filmmaker and length. There is also a discovery function with which users should be able to discover new genres. The response after the first few months of "Shortfil.ms" is positive: It's not just the number of users that is increasing. Many filmmakers have also discovered the platform for themselves.

"These are existing filmmakers who, in their time when they are not currently involved in any project, produce short films that are specially made for the Internet in order to create a portfolio for themselves and to make a name for themselves. If so a few Filmmakers are somehow discovered, we would of course be very happy. "

An app will also be added in the future. Filmmakers like Aleksandar Jovanovic will be pleased. You can watch his original couple comedy "Mit Du" on the way to work:

"Do you have a signal over there? - What? - Do you have a signal there? - Yes. - Yes? Great."