What is acrylic spray paint

Acrylic fast spray paint black gloss, RAL 9005

Acrylic spray paint Super Color Acryl Universal Fast . Short drying time - 10 mins . Capacity 400ml, color black gloss (RAL 9005)

All-purpose acrylic varnish. Suitable for decorative and protective coatings on metal, stone, ceramics, wood, glass and selected plastics. It can be used both inside and outside. It will prove itself in repairs, workshops, hobby, gardening, craft, automobile, etc. work. Long durability.


Color: glossy black (RAL 9005)

Capacity: 400ml

For indoor and outdoor use

Very short drying time - up to 10 minutes (depending on the conditions, the drying time is on average half the time compared to synthetic acrylic resin paints)

High resistance to UV rays

Long durability

No toluene