How can I make a guy laugh

7 signs your husband is right for you

You could sometimes strangle him, shoot him to the moon, or send him where the pepper grows? Better leave it if any of these points apply:

1. Nobody makes you laugh like him.

No matter what else this guy is up to, if he makes you laugh like nobody else, then you've hit your personal jackpot for men! Who needs proper closets and romantic trips when they can laugh lines for free? Just!

2. He takes your quirks with humor.

You bitch, he smiles. You're angry, he's smiling. You forget your cell phone everywhere, he smiles. If your man can take you and your quirks with humor, you should hold onto him. All too often such specimens do not exist.

3. Together you are more entertaining than Joko and Klaas.

Circus Halligalli was yesterday, here comes YOU. If you can entertain whole party groups together and bring tears of laughter to people's eyes, then you will make the world a better place. Together.

4. He makes you big and never small.

If he talks about you, you become superwoman. This may be a bit embarrassing at times and in reality not quite so true, but if you shine brighter in its light than the Pole Star, the opinion of everyone else almost doesn't matter. Such a one-man fan club is not that easy to find.

5. You dare to eat the greatest pork in front of him.

Mix the ketchup with creme fraiche? Corn with a spoon from a can? If you know that he loves you even with single behavior and weird eating habit sins, then you have the right person by your side. Because you can just be YOU without being ashamed of it.

6. Your Saturday? Sitting in front of the TV in underpants and getting drunk.

Päntsdrunk is the name of the new trend from Finland. Isn't it from Finland at all, but an invention of yours? Then you definitely have a relationship that will last forever!

7. He asks the sentence of all sentences. "What do you need from me?"

When he says the magic phrase "What do you need from me?" knows and takes your answer seriously, be sure to forgive him for a few bad habits. For this man it is worth a little sorrow. Most certainly. Because nothing is more important than his interest in your needs.

What if none of these apply to you? Somehow it doesn't matter. Because supposedly we all married the wrong person anyway. Or the right one. Depending on which side you look at it ...