What do you think of your mother

Translation of "to your mother" in Italian

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a tua madre
Well think now to your mother.
It's an inscription to your mother.
If you must also face your glorious fate, think kindly to your mother.
Mentre devi affrontare, il tuo glorioso destino abbi pensieri gentili per tua madre.
I kept my promise to your mother.
Sofia, you should to your mother think.
I have to your mother written.
OK. Give my regards to your mother.
About flowers to your mother to send.
I always know when you to your mother think.
You have to grow up and to your mother think.
Do you think often to your mother?
That doesn't remind me at all to your mother.
Think to your mother! She is dead!
I am sending it to your mother and show it to your friends!
Manderò and photo a tua madre e la mostrerò ai tuoi amici.
I have to your mother written.
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