Have you ever seriously thought about killing someone

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He sits down in the middle of the floor. With a gentle movement of his head, he asks me to come to him. I, on the other hand, am on a completely different level at the moment. I hover above everything, observe, calculate. I sit next to him, as if it were a picnic. He unscrews one of the water bottles and hands it to me. Then he opens one for himself and drinks it in one gulp. We take turns tearing off a piece of cheese and bread. Somewhere a baby is crying The iron gate slams shut. I realize I never really grew up. Jonathon took care of me in as many ways as parents take care of a child. I don't have to worry about paying off my mortgage or any ancillary costs or how I invest my fees, nor have I ever thought about putting aside anything for Oliver's college education. These things are always taken care of by the adults and all of this goes unnoticed, behind, so to speak When Jonathon asked me to stay instead of threatening to leave me like another man probably would have, it seemed to me like he was the one asking for forgiveness, I'm not a good one Been husband. Don't leave me. Like begging me to stay with the man who did something to me. How could he just get out of my life? All of a sudden and forever like my father? Like my mother? When I realize, I take a sharp breath. What I don't understand is why Jonathon wanted me to stay after what I had done. I've pondered this over and over for years. Now ask I wonder if it has anything to do with this whole situation. “There's something else,” says Benicio. His voice makes me startle. “I think the reason they got you showered and changed was that that you should have got on a plane. Something must have happened. "" What do you mean? "" I think your husband brought them your passport. At least it sounded like it. "" What sounded like? "" I didn't get it all. And your husband speaks Spanish with a heavy accent. But I think he wanted her passport to stay here, just in case. "I'm waiting for him to continue." That's the part I didn't understand exactly. ”Nagging doubts are growing in my stomach. if I get it all wrong now? What if Jonathon got hold of these people by mistake, and when he realized what it was all about, was it too late? What if he just pretended to play along to get me out of here? "You might meet him in Switzerland." Scream? ”Benicio looks at me. He's just too considerate to say it. Suddenly I'm losing my distance from the situation, I'm no longer looking at it from a safe distance. I slid back into the middle of the action, where it hurts I turn to the window. "Let me guess. You could threaten me with killing someone I love more than anything in the world." Benicio puts a hand on my shoulder. I look into his eyes. Someone as attractive as him usually has an easier life than others; beautiful women likely throw themselves on his neck; men offer him jobs; I realize he could have children, a woman who is somewhere too "Are you married?" Benicio takes his Hand back and shake his head. "I was once engaged. To a woman in Los Angeles." "Did you live there?" "LA, New York, Chicago, Miami." "That's why your English is so good." Probably field work or on the assembly line. I almost didn't ask. "What were you doing there?" Now it's Benicio looking out the window. I can feel the memories flashing through his head. "Made people laugh." "People Made me laugh. "" Yes. I was a comedian. "" You're kidding. "" And good ones, "he says." Wait a minute. You mean like a stand-up comedian? "Benicio nods." That's yes Funny. So let's face it. "I have to laugh." You know what I mean. "I think about how funny he was playing around with the dog at the pool. You cheat, Pepe. How elegant and fluent he is I can easily imagine him on stage. »I've never met anyone who makes a living entertaining other people. When it comes to work, I only know all of them ie serious jobs [Pobierz całość w formacie PDF]