Which rappers are nice

Why does Sido think that gangsta rappers have to be nice?

(Photo: Ben Wolf)

Do you still remember when Sido was new? When he wore a mask, played the ass fuck song and your parents were so shocked by your taste in music that they stopped all communication with you? At that time you thought: Finally. The old guys shut up, the gay girl pop from Fettes Brot is finally exposed as something that really has nothing to do with rap and although Sido is now also rotating on MTV with “Mein Block”, the shit is still reasonably real .

Since then, a few years have passed, Sido has under the mask a high school graduate face with rimless glasses to the fore, no longer raps over back orifices and is not only a constant topic on the boulevard, but also a permanent guest on TV shows. From this second career arose his love affair with, uh, singer Doreen, a member of the pop star band Nu Pagadi. Sido wanted to make a star out of this, but that leads completely away from the topic ... Just like his successor love with the, uh, presenter Charlotte Engelhardt.

Where I'm actually getting at: Sido has become a really nice guy. Somebody that Doreen's mother already liked and that Charlotte's mother will definitely like now. And somehow he went from a self-propagated bad role model to a good one. At least he recommends that young people take less drugs and vote instead. WAH!

What a relief that he hit an annoying reporter in the face on Friday at the Austrian casting show “Die große Chance”. So. What is he constantly babbling at him diagonally from the side ... Then the real Sido finally came through again, the one who boxed a guy who pissed him off. That's how you do it in a block (if you don't have a knife at hand).

But unfortunately Sido is no longer the block mask ass fuck type. And that's why he's already rowing back a lot. On Facebook he (or his PR people) babble about worries that he is because his fans thought the campaign was good and writes: “I know that the framework was absolutely wrong - especially because there were children! - and that you can't solve problems with your fists, but rather create them. ”My God. You almost mourn the old Sido, who would not only have polished people's face, but who would have given a shit about the consequences.

Fortunately, there are a few other freaks in Sido Career that we like to remember:

Part 1: There was already a “Sido scandal” in “Die große Chance”. Whereby, as an objective observer, you have to agree with Sido through and through: “I would prefer to have a motor from a machine that is there now flies out. "

The highlight of last Friday: "Your mother is a whore, your mother ..." There is nothing more to say.

Or just hit the audience in the face (from 2.15 min.)

Also a classic: The dispute between Mr. Große-Fresse-nothing-behind Pocher and Mr. Große-Fresse-more-behind Sido. Unfortunately only the FSK12 version here.

If you don't bang around, at least you can pick up a prize. Or gives an interview in a similar state:

Back to the original question: How the hell does Sido get the idea that as a gangsa rapper he always has to be nice? Is he working on his own integration Bambi? Honestly, Sido, nice gangsta rappers are really boring. Just check it out here: Arrest warrant.

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