What is an operations manager

What does an operations manager do? Definition, tasks and career

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Operations Manager job description

The Operations Manager is responsible for the entirety of all operational workflowsthat with the Production of goods or provision of services are connected.

Among the English termOperations Management”So they fall Planning, management and control of business processes such as purchasing, production, logistics, HR, customer service.

In German, the term is translated as “production management”.

The main goal of the Operations Manager is the steady Improvement of internal processesto keep them in mind with the business goals more efficient and functional and a integrated supply chain organization to build. This avoids waste and delivers maximum added value right through to the end customer.

But what does an operations manager do now specifically?

The operations manager's day-to-day work varies depending on the industry and the size of the company in which he works.

So directs and coordinates the Operations Manager z. B. in one Production plant different departments (such as R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and warehouse, personnel, customer service and after-sales support ...) to ensure maximum work efficiency.

The Operations Manager one Logistics center however, is with the Organization and management of all processes and activities deals that are needed to to guarantee a correct flow of goods - starting with the handling of incoming goods up to the timely delivery distribution outgoing goods. For this he controls as Operations manager logistics all parties Work teams, always with an eye on the Optimization of operational operations and compliance with the budget.

One of the tasks of the Operations Manager is Analysis of the production- and sales processes and the Assessment of the efficiency based on specific performance parameters or KPIs. Operations Manager makes sure, for example, For example, that machines and production facilities are working at full capacity to avoid losses and that customer orders are completed on time. Or in general that the whole operational workflow is well organized and works smoothly, so there are no bottlenecks in the process flow.

Another important function of the Operations Manager is that Coordination of communication of the various business functions among themselves in order to organize all departments around the strategic business goals.

The Operations Manager identified Fields of action for improvement and then submits plans to management in accordance with the Continuous Improvementwho are on the Time and cost optimization and production improvement while at the same time Compliance with quality standards put.

But not only this:

Also the management included in any work Staff falls under the responsibility of the Operations Manager. He determines and negotiates - in consultation with the HR department - the Use of employees for the various tasks, the transfer of certain employees within the department or from one team to another and verifies that the employees have the competencies, skills and technical means to carry out the Business requirements to meet. The Operations Manager also takes care of that Enthusiasm and motivation of the work teams to continuous Top performances.

Where does an operations manager work?

Operations managers find employment in large, modern structured companies in many different industries: Industry to logistics, from E-commerce Up to the Banks, of IT up to hotel and gastronomy, from retail trade to the real estate industry.

It is about a leading position: As an Operations Manager, you usually pay directly to the Corporate management Report and enjoy great freedom of choice, even if you work closely with many different company departments.

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Operations Manager - Tasks and Activities

To the typical Operations manager duties counting:

  • Design, control and operational management of the production process to ensure a smooth daily routine
  • Coordination of the different company departments (production, HR, logistics, IT, customer service ...) for the purpose of a better workflow
  • Leading the team, optimizing the use of personnel, recruiting and developing the employees below
  • Analysis of work processes and attention to compliance with safety and quality standards
  • Detecting and solving problems in the value chain and identifying potential for improvement through lean approaches
  • Process improvement, product and service development
  • Continuous optimization of business processes from the point of view of increasing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Reporting to the management

Become an Operations Manager - training and requirements

The job offers for operations managers often place an academic one training or a Education ahead, such as B. a FH or university degree in Engineering or business administration.

Depending on the industry, however, a corresponding Vocational training plus perennial, relevant work experience suffice.

Operation Manager Hotel must, for example, have a sound education and professional experience in the hotel industry (e.g. as a restaurant specialist or system caterer), during the Operations Manager Logistics an appropriate background in manufacturing, production or logistics is expected.

In any case, companies are also looking for applicants first experience in a management position, preferably in the same or related industries.

For everyone interested in a career as an Operations Manager, there are also master's courses, seminars and Further training in operations management, Lean Production, Supply chain management and logistics.

During the specialist training, you learn, among other things, the techniques of Total Quality Management (TQM), the principles of Operational Excellence (OpEx) and des Total Productive Managements (TPM), Kaizen and Lean methods for continuous improvement.

A common subject of the courses is that Development of project management skills and leadership skills, who future operations managers need for effective leadership of the employee teams and the coordination of the different departments. It is also very important to be familiar with the common IT tools and programs for budget control, process management, and human resource management to learn - how Management software, ERP and Workflow management systems.

Operations Manager - Skills and Requirements

The most important Knowledge and skills, the A Operations Manager must bring are:

  • Knowledge of operations management and supply chain management
  • Solid knowledge of company structures and production processes
  • Experience with workflow management and process management software
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, result orientation
  • Analysis, planning and control skills
  • Management skills and leadership
  • Experience in project management
  • Good communication skills and problem solving skills
  • Good stress management
  • Excellent German and English skills

Operations Manager - Job and Career Opportunities

The Operations manager career can be the goal of a career as a division manager / department manager, as Warehouse manager, Logistics manager, Production manager, Plant manager or technical manager - i.e. as Middle management employees (Middle Management).

After several years of experience in the Leading teams (and possibly also thanks to advanced training courses) you can Team Leader Operations, Operations Supervisor, Assistant Operations, Junior Operations Manager and finally become an Operations Manager.

The career can go on, right up to the position of Operations Directors, COO (Chief Operating Officer) and maybe even CEO.

Multinational Corporations and large corporations can have several Operations Managers, each for individual macro areas or organizational units of the company are responsible.

So z. For example, a manufacturing company that sells its products through a traditional network of stores and an online store, both one Sales Operations Manager for retail as well as one E-Commerce Operations Manager who control the sales activities through the various channels.

In a large industrial company, however, a Operations Manager Logistics as well as a Customer Operations Manager to be encountered.

There are also other specialized areas of activity:

The Digital Operations Manager manages the operational processes in the digital area: e. B. the development of software and online services. He leads the staff teams (from developers, web designers, IT specialists ...) with a view to efficiency and increasing the level of performance and ensures a optimal communication between the digital and the other areas - Production, supply chain, logistics, finance, legal, marketing, sales, customer service.

The IT operations manager however, for all components the IT infrastructure of a company that are necessary for the normal course of business: local network, DNS, firewall, server, telephony, ERP ... He takes care of everything IT services, leads the IT support teams and monitors the provision of external services in order to ensure an optimal level of reliability, efficiency and adaptation of the infrastructure components to the corporate strategy at all times.

But you can also be an external Consultant work for companies and organizations as an expert in the planning of integrated logistics and production systems with a focus on Operations and Lean Manufacturing.

Good reasons for a position as Operations Manager

The Profession of Operations Manager is suitable for all those who technically inclined are with strong analytics and creativity that is in operational skills is expressed, and very good Leadership.

A very important and complex coordinator role as the operations manager manage numerous operational processes and teams must, and at the same time use the resources optimally and for continuous improvement has to worry.

The job guarantees good employment prospects in many different industries as well Career opportunities also on the international Level.

The Operations manager salary is in general very high: both due to the demanding technical training required and seniority, but also because of the effective, efficient organization of processes essential for competitiveness is.

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