Which clothes are suitable for every occasion

Dress code guide: the right outfit for every occasion

Dress code summer party

A warm summer evening literally screams for a nice party, a movie or theater evening with a summery festive dress code. This also applies to weddings (here as a guest, of course, do not wear a white dress). The challenge is appropriate to the temperatures and at the same time to appear elegant. Short pants, beach dresses and mini skirts are therefore definitely a no-go. The outfit shouldn't be too playful. The focus is on light, subtle colors - noble pastel tones are absolutely trendy here - and light fabrics such as silk, satin and lace. For example, you can wear a long, light and flowing evening dress, but also a summer cocktail dress or an elegant one-piece. If the temperatures drop and it gets fresher in the evening, it is best to take a cardigan, blazer or loose stole with you to throw on. When it comes to shoes, closed pumps look a bit more elegant, but open sandals can also be worn with a long dress. Discreet jewelry and a high-quality bag as an addition complete your summer party look.

Dress code black tie

To get everything right with the black tie dress code, you should dress up. To make a positive impression, it is important to be neither overdressed nor underdressed. Black Tie is very formal and applies to very special occasions - such as appearing on the red carpet. Specifically, this dress code means that you should wear a floor-length evening dress and a small bag. Your male companion appears in a classy tuxedo with bow tie and patent leather shoes. The dress may be strapless, but the shoulders should be covered with a delicate scarf or stole at the beginning of the evening. You will become an absolute eye-catcher in dresses made of flowing fabrics such as satin or silk as well as creations made of lace that playfully envelop the body. As with the cocktail dress code, the following also applies here: the more subtle the dress, the more eye-catching accessories, hairstyle and make-up can be. The same also applies in reverse. In any case, indispensable companions are small evening bags such as a clutch, pochette or minaudière, as well as high heels. You should definitely wear your hair closed. A deep bun, for example, looks particularly elegant. Note: With the option "Black Tie Optional" you can also wear a cocktail dress.



In general, when it comes to dress codes, if there is no dress code, guests are expected to know which clothing is appropriate for the occasion. Which dress code would you like to use? :)