The Catholic Church collapses

Demand for church resignations: Server collapses

Cologne (dpa) - The enormously increased interest in online appointments for leaving the church led to an overload of the server in Cologne on Friday. "I can tell you that we had about 5000 access attempts more or less simultaneously," said a spokesman for the Cologne District Court on Friday. That caused the server to collapse, so that the booking page was temporarily no longer available. As far as he could remember, it had never happened before.

Due to high demand, the district court announced this week that it would again increase the number of online appointments for leaving the church. From now on, around 500 additional appointments would be available per month, a total of 1500.

The additional dates for March and April were activated on Friday at 10 a.m. As a result, the server was overloaded. The number of appointments had already been increased in January.

Currently, a crisis surrounding Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki from Cologne is heating up the minds. Woelki is holding back an expert opinion that investigates how diocesan officials dealt with allegations of sexual abuse against Catholic priests. He gives legal reasons for this. Woelki's approach triggered an unprecedented crisis of confidence in the largest German diocese. City dean Robert Kleine - the highest representative of the Catholic Church in the city of Cologne - has said that he cannot blame anyone for leaving the church at the moment.