Dry eyes cause vision loss

Poor eyesight and dry eyes

On the other hand, the dry eye can also die Damage cornea and thus favor the development of poor eyesight. That is why complaints such as dry eyes should always be taken seriously.

Untreated poor eyesight strain the eyes

Completely new visual impairments, but also a further decline in visual performance, are not always consciously perceived, because the deterioration often occurs gradually. Instead of getting new contact lenses or having your glasses adjusted, you tend to adjust your behavior first: If you have farsightedness, the book or cell phone is simply held a little further away. If you have nearsightedness, you squint your eyes or take a few steps closer to decipher small letters.

However, untreated visual impairments are not only a hindrance in everyday life, but also cause the eyes to look very much strain and focus have to. When focusing, for example on the computer screen, the television or the street, we usually blink less than is good for the eyes. As a result, the tear fluid is only insufficiently distributed on the surface of the eye, the Tear film can tear open. Dry eyes are the result.

Contact lenses can affect the tear film

If you want to compensate for your poor eyesight with the help of contact lenses, you also risk worsening tear wetting. Because the lenses prevent the natural Distribution of tear fluid on the eye and irritate the cornea additionally. Anyone who has problems with dry eyes should therefore rather use glasses in everyday life and only wear contact lenses on special occasions.

The dry eye can affect the eyesight

Ametropia and dry eyes mutually benefit: Not only poor eyesight lead to dry eyes, untreated wetting disorders can also lead to ametropia.

The first symptoms of a torn tear film are reddening of the eyes, itching or burning and the feeling of having a foreign body in the eye. If these complaints keep recurring and are not treated, it can, depending on the cause, also lead to chronically dry eyes and Consequential damage come.

If the tear film breaks open again and again, this can lead to permanent defects in the cornea. The dehydration leads to a Damage to the top layer of cellswhich then becomes cloudy and scarred. This can be painful and greatly reduce visual performance.

In addition, the lack of tear fluid can also lead to Ingrown blood vessels lead in the cornea. These can also have a lasting effect on the view.

In addition, there is an oversensitivity to the eyes Pathogens. Without the protective, antimicrobial tear film, it is much easier for bacteria and viruses to infect the eyes. Inflammation of the cornea can lead to serious damage to the eye and poor eyesight.

Therefore, dry eyes should always be taken seriously and something should be done about it. Moisturizing eye drops stabilize the tear film and protect the eye from dryness. In the event of recurring problems, medical advice should be sought and the eyes should be checked for poor eyesight.