What is the most aggressive language

These are the 5 heaviest languages ​​in the world

There is no blanket ranking that determines which languages ​​could be the most difficult in the world. It always depends on how similar a foreign language to be learned is to your own mother tongue. For example, a native German speaker should have significantly fewer problems learning English than, for example, a Chinese. It also depends on your own language skills and the learning curve. With the necessary perseverance, you can learn any language in the world. However, some of the most complicated languages ​​in the world are as follows.

# 1: Chinese

It's not just the large variety of different characters that can cause confusion among learners of Chinese. Also the Stress rules make life difficult for learners, because here words can have different meanings depending on their intonation.

# 2: Arabic

Just the fact that you speak Arabicread from right to left have to cause despair among learners. Also are when writing no vowels contain. In addition, a verb in the present tense has 13 forms - quite confusing! Also, the spoken Arabic language is full of different dialects.

# 3: Hungarian

The Hungariancounts a total of 27 cases. At least that's what you think. Because of the particular word formation, linguists still disagree on whether there are only 5 cases, or even up to 40 of them. In addition, many words in Hungarian are extremely long.

# 4: Estonian

Estonian is removed related to Hungarian and is grammatically not much less complicated. A distinction is made here between 14 cases and despite the small area of ​​Estonia there are eight dialects, which combine a total of around 117 dialects.

# 5: German

German language difficult language? As a matter of fact! Even if it may not seem difficult to us as native speakers, people with other native languages ​​certainly have problems with German. It is the only language in which nouns are capitalized and the variable sentence order also causes problems, as well as the flexible word formation and the often extremely long words.

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