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If a democratic government suspends fundamental rights, there must be an acute threat situation in addition to the legal basis, which must be explained to the population in a plausible manner. The German federal government seems to have succeeded in doing this quite well since mid-March, especially against the background of the television images from New York and Italy.

Nobody wants to experience an overloaded health system that is no longer able to care for the patient. At the same time, it was possible to limit the infection rate with the measures taken. The success led to louder calls for further easing, which are now also taking place in small steps.

However, the tense situation also unsettles many people, puts some in dire straits and demands a lot from all of us. That is why different groups have drawn attention to their situation with creative democratic protests. That deserves respect and is different from the actions of those who use the current situation to spread their conspiracy stories.

Because no emergencies justify arbitrarily blaming or defaming individual persons or arbitrarily selected groups.

This is exactly what has recently happened particularly frequently in the so-called "hygiene" or "anti-corona measures" demos by some of the demo participants.

In the past few weeks in the Nienburg district * there have been two such actions that we have become aware of:

  1. In Uchte, actors who belonged to a group "Resistance 2020" drew attention to themselves with singing and referred to Internet sites that spread the conspiracy myths.
  2. At the weekly market in Nienburg, two people generated attention with unsuitable masks and signs, which identified them as active members of the same group, and were expelled from the police force.

What is behind this group, which meanwhile also wants to be registered as a party?

When you first look at the website of this new group and its protagonists, you will find the questioning of the corona measures, ideas for a "system change", the dissolution of the Bundestag and the establishment of an emergency parliament without politicians.

"Resistance 2020" is probably not initiated by the AfD, as can be read in some places with reference to the same address of the branches in Hanover, they only "poach" in the same right-wing populist clientele. What is new about "Resistance 2020" and "Corona deniers" is that they reach very different supporters in a broader spectrum.

The growing influence of anti-Semitic conspiracy narrators and right-wing extremists at such gatherings is particularly problematic. They try to use displeasure about restrictions to spread their myths.

We are therefore required to differentiate and to objectify the discussion about suitable measures to protect against infections, because the escalation of the discourse harms everyone who is interested in suitable objective solutions.

However, it is also very important to question and criticize undemocratic and misanthropic statements and to name them as such.

Image: The Bielefeld Conspiracy *: Bielefeld? I can not believe it!?

*The "Bielefeld Conspiracy" is a satirical conspiracy story that has been circulating on the internet since the 1990s. It is a form of irony that reacts to a problematic phenomenon with creativity and humor.

It lives from the claim that the city of Bielefeld does not exist. It has become an integral part of the network culture and is now also taken up by the city marketing of the city of Bielefeld. For the city's 800th anniversary, the city advertised with the slogan "That doesn't exist!".

As of May 19, 2020

Update with research results from different sources


Under the title "That's how dangerous the founders of Resistance 2020 think“Describes the editorial network Germany problematic attitudes among the founders. Victoria Hamm left the company just a few weeks after it was founded.

“Ludwig and Hamm criticize the“ system parties ”, consider“ the constructs of elite rule and participatory democracy to be obsolete models ”and plead for a“ dissolution of existing power structures ”.

The “Leipziger Volkszeitung” asked Ludwig what he wanted to do so that those who already set the tone in the resistance groups on Facebook would not soon take the helm in the party - opponents of vaccinations, conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists? "If we have so-called anti-vaccination opponents or conspiracy theorists, that's not bad per se," replies Ludwig. "First of all, it's about talking to each other."

Source: editorial network Germany

https://www.rnd.de/politik/so-gefahrlich-haben-die-grunder-von- Resistance-2020-YHUZQUEANRCBDGEQ4BLWIU65CA.html

On the research platform Belltower News, the lack of differentiation between resistance 2020 and right-wing extremists is formulated as a particular problem.

At the same time, it is shown and proven that the radical conspiracy narrator Attila Hildmann also sees Resistance 2020 as a controlled opposition and as part of the conspiracy.

Right-wing extremists see "Resistance 2020" as an opportunity - there is no demarcation

“The reaction on the part of the founders is telling: Not a word of demarcation, but instead continued emphasis on common goals. This is particularly evident in a livestream from Schiffmann on its YouTube channel. Here he urges you to respect every opinion and stop thinking in boxes. For the time being, everyone should reflect together on regaining freedom, everything else would then come. He repeats this statement with regard to Martin Sellner - the most famous face of the Identitarian Movement. When he was told that he was right-wing extremist, he replied with an offer to talk to Martin Sellner. One should rather talk to one another than about one another, so as not to judge prematurely. With Sellner it becomes clear that really every opinion - even if it is misanthropic and anti-democratic - is to be respected and its representatives should not be pigeonholed in ("self-made") boxes. "

Source: Belltower News

https://www.belltower.news/ Resistance-2020-haben-corona-rebellen-nun-ihre-eigene-partei-99105/