Does Donald Trump have an honorary doctorate

Trump loses honorary doctorate in Aberdeen

Washington / Edinburgh - A Scottish university has revoked an honorary doctorate from the Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump because of his call for an entry ban for Muslims. Trump's statements are "in no way compatible" with the ethos and values ​​of Robert Gordon University, a spokesman for the city of Aberdeen said on Wednesday.

The university in north-east Scotland therefore decided to revoke Trump's honorary degree in business administration, which was awarded in October 2010.

"No longer suitable"

The Scottish regional government also stopped working with Trump. According to a spokesman, Trump was "no longer suitable" for promoting Scotland as a business location as a member of the GlobalScot network. Trump, whose mother came from Scotland and who owns several golf courses and hotels in the northern part of the United Kingdom, called for a general entry ban for Muslims in the United States on Monday. He also caused outrage with statements about alleged no-go areas in Paris and London.

In Atlanta in the US state of Georgia, however, two swastika posters with the face of the US presidential candidate appeared. A police spokesman said on Wednesday that a police officer discovered a Nazi flag on a bridge pier. A police photo shows Trump on the swastika with a Hitler mustache. Trump wears a $ 100 bill as a bow tie. The Philadelphia Daily News had already printed Trump on the front page with his right arm outstretched after his demand for a complete US entry ban for Muslims. (APA, December 9, 2015)