Is the Islamic Sharia misunderstood?

Sharia - the misunderstood God:
The way to a modern Islamic ethic
Mouhanad Khorchide

"The heart has to learn to love, to forgive, to sacrifice, but also to taste the beautiful, to taste love, to taste God, to experience humility ... Love is not lip service, both to give and to receive it through Experience learned and practiced. That is religious education, that is education to be human. " On the basis of his understanding of God developed in "Islam is Mercy", which starts out from a loving God of mercy and rejects the widespread notion of an Islamic God of obedience, Mouhanad Khorchide attempts in his new book the far-reaching consequences of this understanding of God for everyday religious life as well as for everyday togetherness in general. Another central building block for a new Islamic theology, a book that is expressly aimed at a broad public.

"And so the two aspects - working on the inside and working on the creation of a just social order - are complementary to each other. Both are two sides of the Sharia coin. Therefore, when Sharia is mentioned, it is about an interaction between the Purification of the human heart and the preservation of justice and human dignity in a society. "

Mouhanad Khorchide leads the term Sharia out of the narrowing it has experienced in recent years by fundamentalists and critics of Islam. In clear language, Khorchide explains the classic theological, historical and legal context of Sharia law and criticizes clearly widespread understandings of Sharia law as well as today's misinterpretation by Salafism, for example. In close proximity to the Koranic statements, Khorchide develops an understanding of Sharia, which puts the Islamic God of Mercy on an equal footing with a believer who finds his way to God by devoting himself entirely to his fellow human beings.

224 pages; € [D] approx. 18.99
Verlag Herder (September 19, 2013)
978-3-451-30911-3 (ISBN-13)
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