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New guidelines for teachers

In the current "bridging phase" due to the school closings due to the coronavirus pandemic, the teachers should not impart any new teaching content. The Ministry of Education reminds of this in the new "Guidelines for Distance Learning". In addition, the students should receive regular feedback from them to strengthen their motivation.

Directors are responsible for organizing a transfer or filing system in the entrance area of ​​the school that complies with current hygiene regulations (e.g. minimum distance of one meter). Exercise materials should be picked up and then processed and returned. This offer should be communicated to the legal guardians via the school's website, the parents' association, by SMS or by telephone.

Tasks "appropriate in claim and scope"

The class heads or class teachers should in turn maintain contact with parents and students. In doing so, particular consideration should be given to low-performing students and more individual support should be given to them.

The teachers are asked to “at least provide working materials for their students”. These must be "appropriate in claim and scope".

Digital support for home schooling

All of a sudden, parents have become teachers, also in computer science. Online platforms can make homeschooling easier and programming entertaining - experts recommend the best digital applications.

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