Can a fighter pilot fly a helicopter?


What's the difference between PPL (H), CPL (H) and ATPL (H)?

PPL (H) is the abbreviation for Private Pilot License, the pilot's license for the private pilot. The H in brackets behind it stands for helicopter. CPL (H), the Commercial pilot license, describes the license for the professional pilot. The pilot training for helicopters ATPL (H), Airline Transport Pilot License, stands for training to become a commercial pilot specializing in helicopters. The CPL (H) training enables you to fly a helicopter with a pilot as a pilot or copilot after passing the exam. After Pilot trainingATPL (H) it is possible for you Pilot or co-pilot for helicoptersto steer with more than one pilot. This also gives you a type rating for MEH (Multi Engine Helicopter). This addition can only be obtained in the pilot training CPL (H) through an extra course.

Which Additional qualifications I need for that training to the Professional helicopter pilot?

In contrast to Flight training to become a commercial pilotATPL (H), which can be completed immediately after acquiring the private pilot license PPL (H), are for the Flight training to become a professional pilotCPL (H) previous knowledge required. These amount to at least 155 flight hours and knowledge in the fields of mathematics and physics. Further information on the requirements can be found here or you can get it in a personal conversation with one of our experienced employees on site by making an appointment or by telephone at 034 604 309 14.

Knowledge of mathematics and physics is also required for pilot training to become an ATPL (H) commercial pilot. This is accompanied by a proficiency in the English language. Do you have little or no knowledge of English yet? No problem, AIR LLOYD offers you language tests for all levels at.

How long does one training to the Helicopter pilot?

Your goal is the Pilot license to private pilotTo get PPL (H)? This requires at least 100 lessons from various theoretical subjects. These can be completed individually over eight weekends or in the form of individual training. For the practical part, as a flight school, we recommend a training period of eight months. During your pilot training you can use one of our experienced flight instructors collect their flying lessons. It is particularly important to the AIR LLOYD team to prepare you optimally for the exam.

The theory of Flight training to become a professional pilotCPL (H) consists of a minimum of 250 teaching hours and 60 additional hours of local teaching. The theoretical part in the Pilot training to become a commercial pilot in the ATPL (H) helicopter is more extensive. In this case, as a trainee pilot, you will complete at least 550 hours of instruction and a further 85 hours of close-up instruction. The practical part of both Flight training is equal.

Which Helicopter models may I after the training to fly?

Which helicopter models you are allowed to fly depends entirely on the type ratings you have acquired. You haven't had any yet Additional qualifications acquired, you are allowed to fly the model helicopter in which you passed your test. Of course we are, as Approved training organization, trained and authorized to qualify you to fly additional helicopter models.

How much costs a Helicopter training?

Of course they hang costs for your Pilot training depends entirely on the type and scope of your intended goal. For example, do you already have Previous knowledge or if you already have a private pilot license and you would like to complete your professional pilot training, the costs for the are reduced Flight training. Contact us and we will talk individually about your ideas and goals.

Which jobs after purchasing the Commercial pilot license accept?

Everyone has the dream of turning their hobby into a profession. As Professional pilot make this dream come true. As a flight school, we are happy to take on the task of making you well trained Helicopter pilots to train. A job as Helicopter pilot Getting into the free economy depends entirely on the current job market. We too as Helicopter company are interested in accepting you in our team after your training.

Where and how long is my Flight license valid?

Have yours Flight license once acquired, it is valid. Ongoing reviews / Check flights are, however, compulsory and must be carried out. Each type rating must be renewed every 12 months in the form of two hours of flight and a proficiency test. We support you in all of them Check flights as well as further training competent and always keep you up to date. If you have forgotten the annual check, you can use our Flight school to renew the authorization. You can get more detailed information from one of our experienced employees.

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With which Helicopter license may I Transport people?

Passenger transport is both with a Private pilot licensePPL (H), as well as with the pilot license as a commercial pilot CPL (H) as well as with the Pilot's license as a commercial pilotATPL (H) permitted. However, there are major differences here. While you as Helicopter pilot with private pilot training can only carry out non-commercial flights (as part of a leisure activity with acquaintances, friends and family), commercial pilots ATPL (H) and CPL (H) are permitted to fly commercially Passenger transport to operate.

I can go to everyone weather condition to fly?

In order to be able to fly in difficult weather conditions, you need a Instrument flight rating in a multi-engine helicopter ME-IR (H). This special Flight training can at AIR LLOYD be completed and entitled after passing the exam, helicopter to fly even in poor visibility and critical weather conditions.

Despite special flight training, it is ultimately always the decision of the pilot whether the flight can take place or has to be canceled.

Can a Pilot training next to one professional activity be completed?

You have a job but want one Helicopter pilot license acquire? At AIR LLOYD, the job can be done with the Flight hours in your Flight training to become a helicopter pilot agree perfectly. Both in flight training for Professional pilotCPL (H) or ATPL (H) as well as in training for Private pilotPPL (H), as a flight school, we offer a complete program for the entire theoretical part of your Flight training at. So you can decide individually and flexibly when and where you want to study for your flight license.

Where finds the training to the Helicopter pilots instead of?

Our Flight school is at the locations Bonn-Hangelar airfield and Halle-Oppin airfield settled. Our trained flight instructors will train you there in close-up lessons. Complete the Training for instrument flight authorization in multi-engine helicoptersME-IR (H), your simulator training takes place in Trento, Italy.

Is there Accommodations near the Flight school?

Within walking distance of ours Flight school away, lie beautiful and inexpensive Accommodations. This is how we make sure that you are fully committed to your Training as a helicopter pilot able to focus.

What happens if I leave the booked training for personal / health reasons step back got to?

There is a Withdrawal clause which is stipulated in the contract.

Which health requirements must be given for a flight?

For this you need a medical one Medical certificate 1 and 2.

I can do it with light health weaknesses Become a pilot? (e.g. wearers of glasses)

You are allowed to wear glasses. However, you cannot be color blind.

We are at your disposal for individual questions. Contact us.

What does AIR LLOYD offer me as a flight school, what other providers Not to have?

AIR LLOYD has been one of the leading Helicopter companies in the market. With us you will learn from the Best - Our flight instructors have an average flight time of at least 900 Flying hours per year.