How do I get stronger legs

Stable and surefooted What we need strong legs for

From the pelvis to the toes: the leg muscles occupy almost the entire lower half of the human body. The muscles of the legs are one of the most important muscle groups in the body, because regardless of whether you are walking, standing, running, jumping or sitting - the muscles in your legs are in constant use. Depending on the activity, different muscle groups work together.

For example, the muscles in the hips, legs and feet make it possible to maintain balance while putting one foot in front of the other. Because unlike with four-legged friends, humans lack additional stabilization. While the body weight is evenly distributed over both legs when standing, when walking it shifts from one leg to the other with every movement - a tough job for the entire musculature.

The thigh as an important link

One of the largest muscles in the body, the quadriceps in the thigh, is involved to a greater or lesser extent in almost every movement. The force is transmitted from the upper to the lower leg via tendons. The function of the thigh muscles is, on the one hand, to stabilize the knee joint in order to prevent it from breaking out to the side. On the other hand, they bend the hip joint and straighten the knee joint, which is why walking and standing would be impossible without this muscle group.