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Requirements for insurance with the KSK

According to § 1 Artists' Social Insurance Act (KSVG), the requirement for compulsory insurance is that an artistic or journalistic activity is carried out on a commercial basis and not only temporarily.

An artist is someone who creates, practices or teaches music, performing or visual arts. A publicist is someone who works as a writer, journalist or in a similar way as a writer or journalist. Those who teach journalism also fall under the protection of the KSVG. The artistic or journalistic activity must be carried out independently and professionally.

Any sustainable, long-term activity to generate income is profitable.

The artistic or journalistic activity is only self-employed if it does not constitute dependent employment within the framework of an employment relationship.

Anyone who has more than one employee who is subject to social security contributions in connection with their artistic / journalistic activities will not be insured under the KSVG, unless the employment is for vocational training or is marginal within the meaning of Section 8 SGB IV Fee does not exceed 450.00 euros per month.

If a self-employed artist or publicist does not achieve at least an anticipated annual income that is above the statutory limit, he is exempt from insurance. This means that there is no compulsory insurance in the statutory health and long-term care insurance or in the pension insurance.

From 2004 this limit is 3,900.00 EURO annually or 325.00 EURO monthly.

The legislature has provided special protection for young professionals who have yet to develop their economic existence. According to the KSVG, young professionals are insured in the statutory pension, health and long-term care insurance even if they are unlikely to exceed the required minimum work income.

The first three years after starting an independent artistic or journalistic activity are considered to be a career starter.
The 3-year period is extended by periods in which the compulsory insurance according to the KSVG was interrupted because the self-employed activity e.g. B. was not exercised because of raising children, voluntary military service or because of dependent employment.
The insurance contributions are calculated for young professionals who are below the minimum earnings limit according to the minimum values ​​(minimum contributions) adjusted each year.

The KSK uses a questionnaire and evidence to be submitted to check the status of an artist or publicist.

The questionnaire, including the information sheet and other information, can be downloaded from the media center. You can also find an overview of various artistic and journalistic activities in the questionnaire under item 1.