What is national cohesion

Identity and nation states

Nation and nationality

Nationality is a particularly dominant form of collective identity. No naturally given characteristics can be ascribed to a nation either, although many nations rely on origin myths that seek to underpin their common ancestry and a special bond with the territory. If one asks what constitutes “the nation”, reference is often made to a common religion, culture or language. In science, however, the constructed nature of the nation is emphasized, that it represents an «imagined community» and that it is preserved above all through the will to community and the political system. A simpler way of reinforcing the idea of ​​a "unified nation" is to focus on what "the nation" is not. For this purpose, for example, the group of “others” is formed or the threat to “one's own identity” by “strangers” is made an issue.

The term “diaspora” makes it clear that identification with one's own nationality is central for many people and that it does not lose its importance in the context of migration. Originally used for people of the same religious affiliation, today people of the same ethnic or national affiliation are also referred to as diaspora. By feeling that they belong to such a diaspora, they maintain connections to their homeland, their culture and their nationality and consolidate this part of their identity.

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