What is the most depressing music of all

Blue Monday: today is the saddest day of the year

According to calculations, the third Monday in January should be the most depressing day of the year. What's behind it? Is that even true? And what helps now, especially against a bad mood?

We often suffer from bad mood and winter blues in the cold season. In Denmark, on the other hand, the gray is usually even grayer than here, and yet the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world. Jesper Thomsen, founder of the Danish startup SOUNDBOKS, reveals why this is the case and what we can do to drive away the gray a bit. To counter this, for example, he celebrates a loud, colorful party with his employees every year - punctually on Blue Monday.

Blue Monday: what is it anyway?

The so-calledBlue Monday goes to the British psychologistCliff Arnall returned from Cardiff University. According to Arnall, his formula can be used to calculate the saddest and most depressing day of the year. Theformula reads:

[1 / 8W + (D-d)] x3 / 8TQ: MxNA

The formula includes variables such as ...

  • Resolutions already broken for the year (Q)
  • Current weather (W) including temperatures
  • Existing debt (D)
  • The January salary (d)
  • The time since Christmas (T)
  • The current motivation hole (M)
  • The need to do something about melancholy (NA)

The result: always the third Monday in January.

And it is very likely a cloudy day on which we want to lie in bed in a bad mood, watch one series after the next and destroy tons of ice cream, chips and chocolate in the process. A typical day that can be enjoyed several times between November and March. Means: there is nothing to the formula.

Tips against the winter blues - the Danes know how to do it!

1. Stay Positive

The positive mindset is the most important thing, says Jesper Thomsen: “In Denmark it is usually even darker and more rainy than in Germany. Nevertheless, almost all of us come to work on foot or by bike. This awakens the spirits and lets you stay fit - and those who run regularly will quickly get used to the weather. All the more beautiful when it gets sunnier and warmer again. "

2. Good vibes from good friends and family

Especially in the dark and cold months, we need friends and family around us. Good mood feelings of happiness that we usually know from the summer are also felt through pleasant company and great conversations. Nothing has a more positive effect on our mental and physical state than human closeness. That brings us to different thoughts and shows: Hey, we can be happy even in winter! Fortunately, good conversations and spending time together can also be done virtually.

2. Collect karma points

Even if it is already dark in the late afternoon: the days are just as long as in summer. Use your free time and see which clubs or organizations are in your area, because people, animals and the environment need our help even in winter. Many organizations are particularly happy about new members and helpers during this time. Make use of your good annual resolutions and look around your neighborhood. But it doesn't have to be a new volunteer position: Perhaps your older neighbor is also happy to receive a purchase or a piece of homemade cake.

3. Dancing and partying

Some of us miss a lot. It will certainly take some time before that works again. But it's still good to dance properly again and that works with a pair of headphones in 10-20 minutes. It's not the same, of course, but your favorite music is sure to lift your mood and we think: You can really go crazy as a workout.

4. Get out in the fresh air

The only cure for winter is spring? We Danes are always outside. This is good for the immune system, ice bathing has meanwhile become a popular sport in Scandinavia. Once you've jumped into the deep end, you feel really alive again - and suddenly the winter air isn't that cold anymore. For those who like things less extreme: cycling or a long walk in the cold winter air can also wake up the spirits.

5. Hygge

Our Danish word for “cosiness” is now on everyone's lips. Hygge also means peace, security and comfort and is the opposite of today's fast-paced world. Let us therefore use the quiet months to recharge our internal batteries. In addition to a good book, puzzles or - in a very Danish way - Lego are ideal to relax again.

6. Crew Love Is True Love

You spend most of your time with your colleagues. It is all the more important that we maintain good relationships with colleagues. Especially in winter, many are less involved in other activities and have more time for an evening with their colleagues. Ask your boss and your colleagues whether they would like a little after-work chat or a virtual breakfast together.

7. New hobby?

In summer we want - of course - to spend as much time outside as possible. Let's use the winter months for indoor activities and try something new. How about a dance or painting course, guitar lesson or a DJ workshop? Plus point: We can live out a lot of it outside in the summer, for example dancing salsa in the open air.