Can Queen Elizabeth II order a murder

British Royalty

That was not the only name change in British history: In 1917 "Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" became the House of Windsor. Georg V reacted to the anti-German mood in the country. In the small town of Windsor near London is the castle of the same name, one of the residences of the British royal family.

The Wallis Simpson affair

The first real scandal in the new Windsor house occurred in 1936. In that year, George V, who had been king since 1910, died. Heir to the throne was his son Edward VIII (Edward VIII).

At this point in time, the unmarried prince, who was known for his unconventional lifestyle and closeness to the people, had already had a two-year affair with socialite Wallis Simpson.

If the relationship had previously been tolerated by his father and the political elite, he was now advised to end the liaison. Wallis Simpson was not only a commoner, she was also American and was about to get her second divorce.

Eduard had to make a decision and he did: On December 10, 1936 - after almost a year of reign and before his coronation - the king abdicated.

The following summer he married Wallis Simpson. The couple was outlawed by the British royal family for their entire life. The two were only allowed to stay in England upon express invitation.

The couple's marriage lasted 35 years - until Edward's death in 1972. Whether they were happy to the end is, however, controversial.

Elizabeth II - a young woman on the throne

With Edward's abdication, his brother George VI ascended. the throne. When he died on February 6, 1952, his daughter Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 26 (English spelling: Elizabeth II).

From the beginning she mastered her role with ease. Her coronation became a major media event that 300,000 people watched in front of the television.

Like her three predecessors, ElisabethII is. not only Queen of England but also head of the Commonwealth. This confederation of states, which was founded in 1931, includes the former British colonies such as Canada and Australia.

ElisabethII. is considered to be extremely dutiful and discreet and this is what she expects from the rest of the Windsors. That has always led to conflicts.

The fragile marriages of the Windsors

In the 1950s, Margaret, the Queen's sister, fell in love with former fighter pilot Peter Townsend, who was still married at the time. But different from her uncle EduardVIII. Margaret renounced a wedding.

She eventually married the civil photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones, who was later raised to the nobility as Lord Snowdon. The marriage was dissolved in 1978. The princess, who was said to have had an excessive lifestyle, died in 2002 at the age of 71 after several strokes.

It was not to be the last unhappy marriage in the Windsor house. The marriage of Charles, the son of Elizabeth II, and Lady Diana Spencer was not happy either. True, it began in 1981 with a dream wedding that was followed by 750 million people around the world.

But Diana, as the daughter of a count, was befitting, but did not feel at home in the Windsor family with their conventions and the stiff court etiquette. The couple themselves quickly realized that they didn't go well together. Even on the honeymoon there should have been differences of opinion.

In the marriage two sons were born: William and Henry, called Harry.

In 1996, Charles and Diana divorced. Princess Anne, the only daughter of the Queen, had already announced the separation from her husband Mark Phillips and Charles' brother Andrew's marriage to Sarah Ferguson did not last.

Reforms in the royal family

The British royal family has survived all scandals so far, and it is becoming more modern. Both William and Harry married civil women. That was unthinkable in her father's generation.

And there have been some reforms. For example, the line of succession has changed. Now women are also allowed to ascend the throne. The oldest child, whether girl or boy, becomes queen or king.

The rule that the spouses of the Windsors must be Protestant no longer applies.

But the interest in the English royal family is still huge. This is not only evident in the reports in countless magazines: The television series "The Crown" also cast a spell over hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide from 2016 onwards and has been awarded numerous prizes.

It is not yet known how the monarchy will continue after Elizabeth's death.