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Beauty without wrinkles: what are the benefits of creams and hyaluronic acid?

Status: 08/21/2020 10:45 a.m.
The beauty industry offers a wide variety of products - including for men.

Young, firm, smooth - everyone would want such a skin. But with age, wrinkles appear. The cosmetics industry promises a remedy. The product range is huge and offers plenty of choice for almost every age and budget. The range of active ingredients advertised is also large. Probably the best known anti-wrinkle ingredients are coenzyme Q10, vitamin A (retinol), vitamins E, C and B as well as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

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Anti-wrinkle creams: formulas a well-kept manufacturer's secret

The coenzyme Q10 and the vitamins are supposed to inhibit the skin-damaging effects of free radicals, while hyaluronic acid and collagen are supposed to fill in existing wrinkles. But the exact formulations and active ingredient quantities of the anti-wrinkle creams are among the well-kept secrets of the manufacturers. Not infrequently, measurable and visible results are promised on the packaging of anti-wrinkle creams: "Reduced wrinkles in one week" is what one provider says, "significantly younger skin after 28 days" the next. Others make promises for the future like "prevent wrinkles".

Deep wrinkles cannot simply be creamed away

A plumping, smoothing effect can be achieved with one or the other cream. But you shouldn't expect miracles. Deep wrinkles cannot simply be creamed away, so consumers should critically question the corresponding promises in advertising. In the guideline "Dermocosmetics against skin aging" of the Society for Dermopharmacy it says among other things: "Numerous cosmetics with anti-aging claim promise a lot, but often only a few scientific data support the advertised effect."

Sun protection prevents wrinkles

An expensive anti-wrinkle cream is no guarantee for smoother skin. It is more important to supply the skin with sufficient moisture in everyday life. The right care should be selected, because the skin of 20-year-olds has different needs than that of 60-year-olds. As a rule, the cream should become a little richer with age. Each hide is also different. Consumers should also pay attention to this, because combination skin needs different care than very dry skin. A high level of sun protection, plenty of fluids and adequate sleep have been shown to prevent wrinkles. On the other hand, alcohol, nicotine, stress and a poor diet are unfavorable.

Plump lips due to hyaluronic acid?

More and more women and men are having their lips injected with hyaluronic acid.

To give their lips a more beautiful shape, more and more women and men have their lips injected with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is also used in other areas of the face: for example against nasolabial folds (nasal lip furrows) or so-called marionette folds that run from the corner of the mouth down to the chin. The syringe penetrates the skin, so from a legal point of view it is an injection that only doctors and non-medical practitioners are allowed to give in Germany. Because the body breaks down the hyaluronic acid again over time, it has to be injected after a few months for the desired effect.

Treatment with possible side effects and risks

Since this is a medically unnecessary intervention, the treating person has a special duty to provide information. After such an interview, you must give the patient the opportunity to reconsider the procedure and decide against it. Possible side effects must be pointed out. If hygiene rules are not followed or if poor quality hyaluronic acid is used, the treatment can have serious consequences: the skin can die, the lip can become deformed or nodules can form. The cost of repairing such consequential damage is usually not covered by the health insurance company. By the way, hyaluronic acid should never be administered against the so-called frown lines on the forehead, because sensitive vessels can be injured, so that patients could even go blind.

No real alternative: the hyaluron pen

Many beauticians advertise treatment with a hyaluronic pen. This is freely available and within a few hours you can also acquire a certificate to use it. The pen shoots the hyaluronic acid onto the lips at high speed. As a rule, it does not penetrate deep under the skin. It is therefore controversial whether it is an injection. In Bavaria, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia, however, the legal situation has now been clarified: There, the use of the hyaluron pen is included in medicine. Like the use of a hyaluronic acid syringe, it is therefore reserved for doctors and non-medical practitioners. However, most doctors prefer to use a syringe because it is more accurate and more targeted.

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