Can the Boeing 737 MAX be repaired?

FAA orders repairs to Boeing 737 MAX

WASHINGTON - The FAA has ordered the overhaul of several Boeing 737 MAXs that are currently unable to take off due to an electrical problem. The agency published specific instructions on how to remedy the deficiencies in Washington on Wednesday (local time).

According to the FAA, 109 machines are affected, 71 of which are approved in the USA. The repairs should require a maximum of 24 hours of work per aircraft, the supervisor estimated.

Boeing warned customers about a potential defect around three weeks ago and advised them to suspend operations until possible defects in the power supply system could be ruled out.

US airlines then withdrew dozens of machines from service. This step was voluntary, the FAA did not have a start ban. Boeing later admitted that the problem was wider than expected, affecting components in several areas of the cockpit.

The now published FAA directive to ensure the airworthiness of the 737 MAX seems to confirm the assumption already made by Boeing that the rectification of defects does not cause excessive effort.

The supervisory authority puts the cost of repairing the 71 aircraft registered in the USA at around 155,000 dollars. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun had previously stated that no more than a few days of work per machine should be necessary.

A total of over 400 aircraft were affected

In addition to the 109 customer aircraft, however, 300 other 737 MAXs that have not yet been delivered must also be overhauled - Boeing has temporarily stopped deliveries.

A potentially incorrectly grounded emergency generator must be re-installed, and Boeing must correct a problem in a switching module.

According to the FAA, the errors can impair the function of safety-relevant systems including the engine ice protection, which could endanger a safe onward flight and a safe landing.

In addition to the jets in flight operations, hundreds of 737 MAXs, which Boeing has built since 2019 and have not yet handed over to customers, also have to be repaired.

After two crashes, with a total of 346 deaths, the model series was banned from flying for around 20 months and was only approved again in the USA in November. The reason for the accidents was considered to be defective control software. The current problems are not related to it, assures Boeing.

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