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Apps / software Apple Music vs. Spotify - A Comparison


Apple Music understood the trend towards streaming music. Seven years after Spotify was released, the iTunes business model moved into the App Store and is now one of Spotify's biggest competitors. We examine both streaming services for you in 3 categories: price, availability and music selection - to find out which streaming service offers you more advantages.


Both streaming services offer a free trial period. Apple Music for 3 months and Spotify for 30 days. If you are willing to accept advertisements between the songs and in the app, you can use Spotify's free offer and stream music for free. This option is not available with Apple Music. The fee-based account costs both 9,99 €in the month. You can save here if you use the account with several people. At Apple Music can accommodate up to 6 people for € 14.99 per month stream. Also at Spotify there is the option "Premium family"This allows you and five other family members for € 14.99 per month Can stream music.

Sometimes both streaming services have special offers at student rates.


Apple's streaming service also works on Android and Windows devices. However, you need an Apple ID for this, which can be generated on the Apple website under "Create your Apple ID". For users of iPhone, iPad and other Apple products, Apple Music is of course even easier to install. The Spotify app can be downloaded to all kinds of computers, tablets and smartphones. You don't have to do without music on the game console either. Spotify is also available for the PlayStation (3 and higher) and Xbox One. Both Apple Music and Spotify offer the ability to download music and listen to it offline.

Music selection

The range of music offered by both providers is enormous. Apple Music advertises with 50 million songs, Spotify with over 40 million. Not only do they offer songs, but also videos and other features. With Apple Music, artists have the opportunity to communicate with their fans via "Connect". There is also a dedicated radio station that broadcasts live music and shows every day. Spotify, on the other hand, can score with its algorithms. Get new song suggestions based on what you've already heard. In addition, both services can display the lyrics. With Apple Music, however, you must have a subscription.