Where do I report a money fraudster

Reporting Internet Fraud: Consumer Protection or Police - Who Helps Victims of Internet Fraud?

Police and consumer protection can prevent fraud and rip-offs on the Internet and help the injured. To do this, however, they are dependent on information from the population. We explain who consumers should contact if they become suspicious.

Anyone who has been the victim of fraud on the Internet should report it. You can report this to a consumer protection organization or to the police. Both institutions have different areas of responsibility and can therefore help you in different ways.

Consumer protection measures in the event of cybercrime

Consumer protection organizations do not help you to identify the perpetrators, nor do they ensure that the damage caused is compensated. If you have been scammed online, these organizations can give you tips on how to claim your damage.

In individual cases, consumer protection also helps to establish communities of duped people. They help with address swaps and class actions. When you report a fraud on the Internet, the organizations warn of the perpetrators' tricks. With a report you indirectly prevent new crimes and rip-offs.

Report the fraud to the police

The police are responsible for preventing and prosecuting criminal offenses. As soon as you report a fraud, the authorities start investigating the perpetrators. International cooperation is often necessary for a crime on the Internet. In suspected cases, the police take measures to secure evidence of house searches and seizures. In principle, the following applies: only if you report fraud to the police will you enable the perpetrators to be punished.

For some time now, it has also been possible to file reports online, namely at the internet stations of the state police authorities (link).

It makes sense to inform both organizations

If you only care about punishing the fraudster, you do not have to switch on consumer protection. In order to indirectly prevent future criminal offenses, reporting to consumer protection makes sense. This informs Internet users about cases of fraud on the Internet and gives advice on how to avoid them. A report is therefore advisable to both organizations: It helps you, but also other consumers.