Is your mother the best mother

25 reasons your mom is the best!

There are probably only a few people in this world who mean as much to you as your mom. But why are mums so important? We have 25 reasons why your mom is the dearest woman in the world:

  1. She gave birth to you and voluntarily chose to change your diaper for years. Do we need to say more?
  2. She took you to school and picked you up again. Then she made you a cup of tea to talk to you about your day.
  3. Quite often she stood in the school yard for nothing. Because you wanted to play with friends after school, she could go home alone.
  4. Your mom makes sure that your clothes are washed, ironed and folded back in your closet. It probably does this so quickly that you didn't even notice that your favorite sweater wasn't in the closet.
  5. Your mom cooks for you every day. Sometimes your favorite food in particular.
  6. She picked you up from a party at night when you couldn't get home by yourself.
  7. You can always call her and she is always there for you, even if it's the middle of the night.
  8. She was one of the few who got to be angry with you and made you sincerely regret what you did.
  9. She taught you to be a good person and to take care of others
  10. She still brings you fruit and chicken soup when you are sick.
  11. She is the only one who can cook that one dish best.
  12. She will never say, "I told you so," even if you both know she was right.
  13. She is the strongest woman in the world. Setbacks don't hold you back!
  14. She worked very hard and also did the household chores.
  15. Her family always comes first.
  16. She knew within a minute if a boyfriend or girlfriend was your match, and she was always right!
  17. She never said anything even when she knew your boyfriend or girlfriend was not the right one.
  18. That she sometimes gave you unsolicited advice.
  19. After taking care of you for years, she now takes care of your children on a regular basis. Even if she wanted to use this time to travel or pursue her hobbies.
  20. You also don't like vegetables, you always had to eat them from your mother because they are good for you.
  21. Your mom is secretly your best advisor and knows all your secrets (even if you think it isn't).
  22. She tells you honestly when a piece of clothing doesn't look good on you.
  23. You get along with your mom even without words, so that usually one look is enough to know what the other is thinking.
  24. She's still calling you and telling you to put on a warm jacket (you're 35 now).
  25. Because you can still secretly borrow clothes from her and she will be the first to see that you have been to the hairdresser's.

We are curious to see how many of these points apply to your mother? Are there any more reasons that we haven't given?

One day a year (well, maybe two if you factor in her birthday) you can put your mom in the spotlight. The perfect day for this is Mother's Day! This year's Mother's Day is on May 10th, 2020. Don't forget to give her a big hug and say thank you for everything she has done for you!

Do you already know what you want to surprise your mom with on Mother's Day? Sunday May 10th is Mother's Day. A nice day to tell her that she is very special.