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Nuclear reactors - planning by country worldwide 2020

Published by A. Breitkopf, December 22nd, 2020
In 2020, China is planning 44 nuclear reactors, which should come on stream within the next eight to ten years. In a global comparison, the country mentioned is planning the most nuclear reactors, followed by Russia and India. In 2019, five nuclear reactors were last under construction worldwide.

Nuclear reactors worldwide

Nuclear reactors are located in what are known as nuclear power plants, which are used to generate electrical energy. The splitting of atomic nuclei within the nuclear reactors releases thermal energy, which is then converted into electrical energy. The number of nuclear reactors in operation is growing at a significantly slower pace worldwide than in the previous century, but in 2018 never before did so many nuclear reactors generate electricity as before. Globally, there are predominantly pressurized water reactors in nuclear power plants.

Nuclear energy in Germany

In this country, electricity generation from renewable energies is increasing every year, while the amount generated with the help of nuclear energy is falling. Also nowadays less and less nuclear energy is used. The reason for this is that, according to the federal government, all nuclear power plants are to be shut down by 2022 as part of the energy transition. Six nuclear power plants are currently still active.

Number of planned nuclear reactors * in selected countries worldwide in July 2020