All Indian TV series are that bad

No heart for Indians

D 2017
Comedy (89 min.)

The Neufund family has an exchange student from England in their house! Martin Brambach and Aglaia Szyszkowitz see this as an opportunity to finally win a friend for their idiosyncratic 16-year-old daughter. But at the airport it is not the expected “hip” Sandy McCartney from London who is standing in front of them, but a 13-year-old Indian boy! They want to get rid of the little Hindu as quickly as possible. Adorable and turbulent culture clash comedy by screenwriter Sathyan Ramesh. 16-year-old Fiona Neufund is a real loner. In order to finally find a friend for her, her parents Charlotte and Erik try, on the advice of the class teacher, with a student exchange. Without asking for a long time, the passionate Beatles fans select a child named Sandy McCartney from the list. That sounds like a hip British girl who could convey a bit of coolness to the idiosyncratic Fiona and get her out of her lethargy. Fiona doesn't feel like doing it, but she has no choice. When the guest child stands in front of them, the Newfound family is amazed. It is a 13 year old boy of Indian descent named Sacchidananda, who calls himself "Sandy" and is full of surprises. At school he confidently quotes from “Faust”, at home it is guru wisdom and he also promotes a harmonious togetherness with a pure heart. The stressed family needs a miniature Gandhi now of all times: Papa is desperately struggling with the tax office, Mama is secretly having an affair and Fiona's older sister Annika doesn't want to have anything to do with the others. The fact that Sandy will soon be "deported" heartlessly does not leave even the cool Annika cold. Something is happening at Fiona too, when the little one surprisingly proves himself to be a true hero in the playground. (Text: BR television)

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