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Trendy minimalism: frameless glasses

A high level of comfort, minimal weight, maximum functionality and a timeless design find a perfect balance in the frameless glasses models. Hardly any other pair of glasses is as versatile as frameless glasses. It fits practically every outfit and survives every trend. It gives priority to the face and perfectly underlines the natural look. Nice side effect: the models hold back discreetly so that your eyes are not distracted.

In addition to the retro trend, which is determined by eye-catching and massive frames, the minimalism look shines with its restrained elegance. The simplicity makes the frameless glasses modern glasses that are permanently en vogue. In addition to classic black, silver, gray and gold, colored eyeglass temples and nose bridges (professionally: bridge) are now finding their way into our wardrobe.

What are frameless glasses?

In the case of frameless glasses (also called rimless glasses), the glasses are not held by a frame, but solely by the temple and the bridge. These are attached or clamped directly to the glass with special screws. The filigree models stand for a contemporary look and innovative materials.

Images: Silhouette (1), Jil Sander (2)

Who Are Frameless Glasses Like?

The frameless glasses are particularly suitable for narrow faces. Eyeglass frames that are too wide and distinctive are rather disadvantageous for delicate facial features because they appear too massive and overwhelming.

Frameless glasses are also the right choice for people who cannot find the right glasses because of their brow shape. Ideally, eyebrows and glasses form a harmonious unit. The upper edge of the frame of the glasses should follow the curve of the eyebrow. Since the frameless glasses have no rim and the lenses alone do not create an optical break, they adapt to almost every eyebrow shape.

The styling - subtle, clear and modern

The fashionable glasses that survive every trend feel just as comfortable in everyday business as they do in their free time. The design is subtle, clear and modern.

Frameless model with black temples

Images: Hallhuber (1,2), Silhouette (3), Peter Kaiser via shoes-lueke.de (4)

Frameless model with brown temples

Images: Rodenstock (1), Geox (2), Hallhuber (3, 4).

Frameless model with lime green glasses temples

Images: Silhouette (1), Oasis (2), Mango (3, 4)

Hien Le, Marc Jacobs or Jil Sander, the queen of purism - they have all fallen for the cool, clean design of purist fashion. For decades they have been presenting collections that follow the motto “less is more”. Although minimalism is limited to the essentials, it is anything but monotonous. With frameless glasses you will feel just as comfortable in everyday business life as in your free time.

Make-up tip

If you wear glasses with a frameless model, you are free to choose whether you prefer to emphasize your lips or your eyes. Beautiful eye-catchers: a bright lipstick or a strong eyeliner on the outer edge of the eye.

The benefits of frameless glasses

Frameless glasses are practical and versatile and have several advantages over full-rim and partial-rim glasses.

Images: Rodenstock GmbH (1), Porsche Design (2)

Timeless - Because fashion aspects are transported through the glasses frame, the frameless glasses are timeless, as they are not subject to any fashion dictates.

Unrestricted field of vision - The frameless glasses offer an unrestricted field of vision, as it is not blocked in any direction by any frame. Especially for drivers and people who spend a lot of time in front of their PC, the unobstructed view is pleasant and relaxing for the eye.

Practically invisible - The transparent front makes the frameless glasses invisible and does not distract from the natural features of the face. For everyone who would rather not wear glasses, it is the ideal choice, because with a rimless model you look almost the same as without glasses.

Fashionably flexible - With frameless glasses, no frame will distract from your look. The glasses can be flexibly combined and look just as good with an office outfit as they do with an elegant look or casual style. The frameless glasses are suitable for almost any occasion.

ease - The frameless glasses weigh less than the full-rim or half-rim glasses. This is also noticeable in terms of wearing comfort. It is extremely comfortable and more or less weightless. On top of that, the narrow temples make the light weight barely noticeable on your ears.

For "complicated faces" - Frameless glasses are the best decision for people with “complicated glasses faces”. Due to the lack of external borders, deviations or anatomical features, such as a very narrow face or eyes that are close together, are hardly noticeable.

Care of the frameless glasses

Even if the frameless glasses are very stable these days, they are still more fragile than those with frames. Always handle your rimless glasses with special care. Be sure to take the glasses off with both hands and put them back on in the same way. When cleaning, you should only hold the glass that is being cleaned. Definitely not the other glass! You should also avoid holding the glasses by the middle part or the temple when cleaning them. Store your frameless glasses in a sturdy case, as they can break quickly if you drop them.

Every good optician can provide detailed information about what you need to consider when buying frameless glasses.

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