Who visits my LinkedIn profile without connections

This is how you can see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile

Are you reconsidering your place on Facebook? Then come to LinkedIn. The function "Who viewed your profile?" The professional network can be the first train to new professional connections, skills increases and career breakthroughs.

Think back. When was the last time you spent some time really understanding the members who visited your LinkedIn profile? What did you do with the breadcrumbs they left behind? The Who Viewed Your Profile Tool Can give you some pointers ...

What type of LinkedIn account do you have?

LinkedIn has free and premium accounts. Your access to your profile views in the Who Viewed Your Profile Dashboard? Depends on your account, your account's privacy settings, and the people visiting your profile.

LinkedIn Basic (free) account

If you have a free account, you can see up to five results that show who viewed your profile, how many visits you made to your profile, and how many times you appeared in search results.

These three insights can help you build your professional network:

  • Your job titles.
  • Where your profile viewers work.
  • Where did they find you from.

To see these last five profile views, you'll need to turn on your name and heading on the profile visibility settings page.

click you on your home page on the symbol " I", to activate the name and heading. Follow these steps:

  1. click on Settings and data protection . Select the tab privacy .
  2. Scroll down to the section How others see your LinkedIn activity . Click and expand the display options for Profiles.
  3. Choose under Choose what others can see after viewing their profile , Your name and heading .

The selection is saved automatically.

In the same way, the information you can see about your visitors also depends on how they have set up their own profile visibility settings.

  • Visitors have activated "Name and Headline". You'll see their name, headline, location, and industry.
  • Some are partially anonymous. You can see limited information like title and industry or just university.
  • Members have enabled private mode for complete anonymity. You will only see "LinkedIn Member".

LinkedIn Premium (paid) accounts

LinkedIn Premium users have no restrictions on viewing history for the past 90 days. This is one of the reasons why it is worth paying for LinkedIn Premium. A slider at the top of the page shows where visitors came from, what titles they have the most, and how they found you on LinkedIn.

However, keep in mind that premium users will not be able to see any additional information about viewers who have private mode enabled.

This is how you can see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile

It goes without saying that profile views are only visible when visitors come to your page. Also, the actual time frame LinkedIn uses to show the number of visitors is sometimes different. However, according to LinkedIn, it tries to show at least five views in each period.

There are two ways to review visitors who have viewed your profile in the past 90 days.

1. Sign in to LinkedIn. On your homepage, click under your profile photo on the left rail Who viewed your profile?

2. At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click the " I" with your photo.> Click profile View> Select who your profile in Displayed on your dashboard .

3. Click you at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click the " I" . Click the "Up" button access my premium ". > Who your profile data in last 90 days is shown under " Your personal insights " displayed .

If you're having trouble with someone viewing your profile too often, see how to block people on LinkedIn.

How can you benefit from the personalized insights?

As with any other social network, you will receive LinkedIn invitations from strangers. However, it makes more sense to connect with people related to your industry than random strangers. The right person can give you a career break or spur you on with confirmation that you are on the right track.

According to LinkedIn, there are some immediate actions you can take to get in touch with people who visit your profile. But here are some other ideas that can help you take advantage of the insights that LinkedIn offers. It's all in the numbers and the slider you see above.

  1. Make it a part of your job search. Visit their profile and the company they work for to see if there are any vacancies. The person who snuck into your profile could also give you the inside track if you ask nicely.
  2. Check to see if your resume is getting attention. Your resume could move up after Human Resources reviews you. You can further improve your career prospects with LinkedIn Skill Assessments.
  3. Use this option to confirm your LinkedIn efforts. Keeping your profile up to date is one of our top LinkedIn profile tips. The data "Who viewed your profile?" Indicate whether you are attracting the right people.
  4. Ask for a side appearance. Maybe you want to get a startup project. Offer your services an introductory message and see if there is scope. You won't get it if you don't ask.
  5. See what you have in common. They can be part of a shared LinkedIn group or have mutual connections. Use this foundation to build stronger relationships.
  6. Expand your network. This is the most obvious way to leverage personal insights and expand your network with the right people.
  7. Reconnect the connection. Has anyone checked you of your 1st degree connections? With a message or two, restart your relationship.
  8. Gamify LinkedIn with the numbers. LinkedIn gives you absolute numbers and a percentage of the increase / decrease in viewers since last week. Challenge yourself to find these numbers. You can keep your profile up to date, connect with new people, blog posts on LinkedIn, and actively participate in the homepage to do so.

Always connect with a purpose

If you're an avid networking beaver, LinkedIn's "Who Viewed Your Profile?" Feature is great. A simple feedback tool. Check this out to find out why people are coming to your LinkedIn profile, which could be invaluable.

This is just one of many LinkedIn features that you probably won't be using. So keep an eye on MakeUseOf for more tips and tricks. We also recommend customizing your LinkedIn feed to stay up to date with industry news and following these companies on LinkedIn for interesting insights and content. Learning how to properly notify recruiters on LinkedIn is also important. Finally, make sure you understand LinkedIn's recommendations.