How cults prevent people from escaping

About divisive cults / religion [closed]

WARNING! Some very sour ideas ahead! If you are easily offended, please don't read.

It doesn't matter which cult, religion or philosophy you choose for the sociological background noise. Sure, I could go through a list of real religions and cults that fit the bill (Hindoism and belief in karma, Christianity, and 'God's divine plan'), but most of them use circular logic to 'prove' they are actual and factual.

Why control Well, what if one of those gnomes takes a step back and analyzes their ingrained beliefs? You will find that you have a choice. So expect a lot of 'heretical witch hunts' to 'cleanse' the herd.

Let me give you an example.

Meet David the Gnome. He is a veterinarian who works with wounded animals in the neck of the forest. He sees a lot of animals that are either injured by hunting (wild animals tend to be) or by poaching traps (stupid people!). Every time he meets a person, he is faced with a choice. Does he help the animal (as he is used to)? Or does he hide and sacrifice it for the hundreds he could help if people don't discover him?

I'm sure your Red Hood dwarfs will tell him, "This is fate! It's destined! So why fight it?" And maybe from a certain perspective this is probably true. But David knows that if he doesn't do anything, the animals will die. He refuses to believe that this "fate" that the Red Hoods would make others suffer is the "right thing".

How does this affect your red hoods? Well. There would be a dominant religious group. Perhaps their "nation" is a theocracy. There would be those in power among them, and they would have the power to dictate the will of the god (gods) whom they serve; unless there is / really is God (s) who dictate their fate and the rules they must adhere to (fates and the like).

This is where decisions come into play. Those in power, how valuable is that power to them? If the answer is "all," or if God's will is absolute, then serious repercussions await. After all, you do not risk my anger, but the righteous indignation against a being that is so powerful that our way of life could be shaken if you anger said God with your ignorant insolence.

If the consensus is milder, "live and let live," then expect little to happen. Perhaps something as simple as a "request" to leave the community "lest you poison the minds of young and impressionable people". As I said, it's about control.

It might be interesting if another group counteracts this thought. But that is due to the "powers that be".


I like the angle you came across in the answer. I struggled with the fact that OP seemed to jump from a cultural question of lifestyle to a question of what religion is based on fate.


@ggiaquin thanks ^ _ ^ I love offering a nook that most wouldn't think of


Because their religion makes them what they are, unlike most, they only fragmented because of their religion. And since all gods are real in this environment, they will be correct. If you are a history major you will see that culture is formed around religion. If you think that one does not affect the other, you would be wrong.


@ Fayth85: Your answer assumes your religion is wrong. I should have added that all religions are true. The heretic angle is played elsewhere and I would hate to recycle for any religion. When they speak to their gods, heretics will be rare.


@ Munda One last thing: religion doesn't make you who you are. Culture, upbringing, and predetermined genetic markers make you who you are. Religion is just a lens, a filter through which you can interpret the world around you. Example: Christians A and B. Christian A is rich, well educated, wealthy, and charismatic. Nothing refused during upbringing, always an "exemplary Christian". Christian B is poor, so busy working two jobs that there is no time to study, and irritable because he is constantly tired. Only goes to church on vacation and was a criminal when she was young. The only unifying factor?