Which is the strongest team 1

Which is the best Formula 1 team?

Surer may have "only" contested 82 Formula 1 races and never got the chance to get top material, but this does not change his specialist knowledge. Soon after his Formula 1 career (1979-1986), the Swiss TV broadcaster SRG brought him to the microphone for his Grand Prix broadcasts. As early as 1996, the pay station DF1 became aware of Surer, for whom and for whose channels later renamed Premiere and Sky he reported from the Formula 1 from the German GP of the same year.

So what is the ranking of the teams in 2018 from this expert's point of view? Excerpts:

Mercedes: "Hamilton is clearly number 1 as long as he doesn't let the reins drag. And Mercedes should make him number 1 internally as well."

Ferrari: "It's going well under Technical Director Mattia Binotto, for me he is the strong man who has everything under control. Ferrari can develop at a high level."

Red Bull: "Verstappen is an exception. He is now ripe, also for the title."

Force India: "The two drivers, who almost hate each other, could become a problem. The fight will get even worse. Exciting."

Williams: "Sirotkin is underestimated in my opinion, he can deliver consistently. He outperformed Kubica in the test."

Renault: "FIA engineer Marcin Budkowski has strengthened his position there. He knows all the secrets of all the teams. That helps. Sooner or later they will come to the level of the top teams."

Toro Rosso: "I see less black than many others. For the first time, Toro Rosso has an exclusive factory engine. The Honda was doing quite well towards the end of 2017."

Haas: "You have lost ground there. You also have to increase the number of staff a bit."

McLaren: "I see McLaren as at least fourth force in the field. Are you ready to win yet?"

Clean: "They had the best wind tunnel, but nobody who could use it. They have to do better."

Marc Surer in the Brabham cockpit in 1985. imago

As usual, clear words à la Surer. Guess whether you can find out who he considers to be the strongest team in Formula 1 in relative terms. He said of one team: "For me the best Formula 1 team. I would buy it if I were looking for a team, at least if all of the engineers stayed."

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